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Chapter 5/5

There wasn’t any need to pay attention to the bill. Liu Yue was now our family member, and so, there wasn’t any need to pay the bill. To begin with, I was the one who gave her this car dealership as a gift as she had nothing else to do.

When the manager in the store saw me bring such a large group of women along, he was surprised and tried to guess my relationship with all the girls. When he saw that I didn’t even pay for any of the cars and just drove away, and then remembering my intimate look with his boss Liu Yue, the man couldn’t help but think of one word – Mistress!

And he also thought that the man was probably the behind-the-scenes boss of this car dealership. But these words only remained in his heart. He dared not say them out loud.

Of course, I didn’t forget my promise and had called He Xiyuan to let her buy a car for herself as well. But the little girl had just sent her parents back home and was busy studying for the College Entrance Examination earnestly. She had no thoughts of getting a car before she finished her College Entrance Exam. Therefore, I thought that I might as well let her get one next year.

Fortunately, the underground garage in my villa was very spacious. Even with all those cars, it still didn’t feel crowded. On the way home, the six luxury cars followed by the Land Rover that Du Xiaowei drove, formed a wonderful attraction, gaining the attention of all pedestrians.

Even in B City where the rich were as many as clouds, it was rare to see such a formation of luxurious cars. Moreover, the cars that Liu Yue, Xia Jing, Yu Ting, and Xu Ruoyun drove were all sports cars. Liu Yue’s car dealership had directly imported them from abroad.

Three days later, Shuguang completed the acquisition of Soaring Dragon Group. The process went surprisingly smooth. However, the outside world was still speculating why a high-end technology company is interested in a trading firm? If Shuguang wanted to develop a cloth trading firm, it seemed impossible if one said that. If one said that they wanted the import and export right of Soaring Dragon Group, it was even more impossible. Shuguang’s branch offices were all over the world, and they had no need to acquire the Soaring Dragon Group.

For some time, the media kept on speculating. As for Zhao Junsheng, he only explained that it was a decision made by the higher authorities in the company. Everything was a trade secret, and nothing could be disclosed.

“Dammit!” Lei Fubai read the newspaper and threw it on the ground, “This woman! Who knows how she got this deal, actually getting Shuguang to acquire her Soaring Dragon Group! I still can’t believe this matter. It was already hard enough to make this woman submit, yet now, someone already solved her problems.”

“Dad, how about we make an article about this news and defame the two?” Lei Xiaolong said as he concocted a plan. In the past few days, he and his best friend have been studying the ways to damage people’s reputation and life. The more he studied, the more he felt he was a genius in this matter. He could think of a lot of ways that could damage a person. He was very proud of his achievement and wanted to show off before his father.

“What article?” asked Liu Fubai.

“I have heard that when a company acquires a state-owned enterprise, it is because they have caused a lot of damage to the state-owned assets. I think there might be something fishy going on between Shuguang and Soaring Dragon Group!” Lei Xiaolong said as he tried to look intelligent.

“Bullsh!t! I am the one most clear about the situation of the Soaring Dragon Group! Shuguang obviously made a loss when they acquired the Soaring Dragon Group. Motherfcker, I can’t imagine how your brain is still so useless. Coming to me with such a foolish idea!” Lei Fubai roared. As he heard his stupid son coming up with such a foolish idea, Lei Fubai felt indignant.

Although Lei Xiaolong appeared to be timid as he listened to his father, in his heart, he was thinking otherwise. He was considering how to use his plan and bring it to fruition.

Finishing the matters at hand, I have been idle for a few days, accompanying my wives to decorate the new cars at home. At this time, it wasn’t very popular to apply a film to the car’s body, but some other small details could still be added. Liu Yue found a special car decoration master from the store and brought him to decorate their cars.

These days, I forgot everything else I had to do, and only accompanied my beautiful wives, living a leisurely life. However, Ding Wenfeng came to me a few days later and said that it was time for me to go to Japan and participate in the International College Student Exchange Sparring Match.

As soon as I tapped my head and thought about it, I remembered I had agreed to him regarding this matter. I had thought that there will be a long time before the event, and so, only agreed verbally, thinking that he will forget it soon. Who would have known that Ding Wenfeng actually remembered the matter clearly!

I met Ding Wenfeng in the basement of the Old University Building. It was also the office and event location of the “Huaxia Martial Arts Association.”

As the only member of this association, it was my first time coming here. Looking at the dilapidated venue and the worn down office, I couldn’t help but wonder and asked, “Is this really the Martial Arts Association?”

“It is! Probably,” Ding Wenfeng said with a little embarrassment. He nodded and said, “Though it’s worn out and small, it’s already a good thing that the school even gave us this place. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?”

“Oh! Then are we going inside? It looks so sinister, it won’t be haunted, right?” I looked towards the basement cautiously. Though I wasn’t afraid of ghosts, the feeling was still not very good.

“Ah… you don’t say. I have heard that this place is actually haunted, otherwise, why would the University abandon this place?” Ding Wenfeng nodded and said.

I and Ding Wenfeng left the old building shoulder to shoulder. On our way out, we met Yang Wei who was about to enter the building. As Yang Wei saw me, he said with an unnatural smile, “Hey, if it isn’t Liu Lei!”

“Oh, President Yang, hello.” I politely nodded towards him.

“Are you also going to participate in the Japanese Student Exchange Tournament?” Yang Wei asked, pretending to be very casual.

“Yeah, we were just discussing that matter.” Ding Wenfeng said. As Yang Wei was acting polite, so he too replied with the truth.

“Oh, I am also going to participate in it. We might be opponents then!” Yang Wei said with a kind smile.

“Then, we will ask President Yang to go easy on us during the tournament.” Ding Wenfeng said politely.

“Obviously, after all, we are all Huaxia University Students and must get along!” Yang Wei said while nodding.

After I and Ding Wenfeng left the place, Yang Wei’s face had a gloomy and cold expression. In his heart, he sneered, ‘Show mercy? I couldn’t be happier to have an opportunity to kill you off! Now that I have an authentic reason, I must kill you! Daring to rob what belongs to me! Anyway, not like the world knows about your true identity. Even if I kill you, I can just say that it was a mistake, I couldn’t hold back and used too much force! If I do that, who will treat me unjustly and kick me down?’ {TL Note: This dude is talking about killing Liu Lei. As for what was stolen from him. He is talking about Chen Wei’er! He had a crush on her, but Liu Lei took her away.}