Volume 3 – Chapter 169: Did My Touch Break You?

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

July 6, 2018. Chapter 1/5

Damn! No wonder. My phone number is only known to very few people. I was wondering how Meng QingQing got it. So it was that bar owner who sold me out. But what was this about the disk that she was rambling?

“QingQing, can you tell me clearly, what is going on!” I asked with confusion.

“You honestly don’t know what’s the matter?” Meng QingQing asked with disbelief.

“How am I supposed to know if you don’t explain to me!” It’s really an injustice. Not only was my company’s data stolen, I even have to explain everything to the thief.

“Then tell me. Why can’t I open the information I copied from your computer on my system? It’s a bunch of garbage nonsense!” Meng QingQing said.

“How would I know what happened to it? Could it be, the information turned to garbage after I touched it? Are my hands magnetized, they destroyed the disk?” I asked with an inexplicable tone.

“I don’t care! It must have gotten a bad feeling from you and turned to garbage. It’s all your fault!” Meng QingQing started to turn unreasonable.

I sighed heavily. When a woman turns unreasonable, there’s no reasoning with her. The only thing one can do is try to divert her attention.

“Then what about your chest? Did my touch break your chest as well?” I laughed badly.

“Ah!” Meng QingQing froze. After half a day, she finally spoke: “I don’t care anyway! Even if it’s not your fault, you must copy and send the information to me again.”

“What information do you want?” I was speechless. Not only did she steal my information, I even had to deliver it to her now!

“I think that anything good in your server… Oh, yeah. I don’t want that OCR as it is useless to me. I want the future Super Computer design proposal that I saw on your server. You bring that to me!” Meng QingQing said.

“Future Super Computer proposal? Does our company have something like that? Why don’t I know about it?” I turned towards Chu Gao and asked.

Chu Gao looked towards me, and said innocently, “Boss, that is the slutty work of those Brats in the R&D Department. They made it for their entertainment…”

Meng QingQing also heard Chu Gao’s words and asked suspiciously, “Is that true or false?”

“Do you actually believe that our company could study something so advanced?” It is inevitable if she said that Shuguang could create it, that would be true. But saying New Century could create something like that at their level, that’s just a delusion. It was impossible.

“Hmm, they can’t. It seems impossible for them!” Meng QingQing replied.

“That is to say before you copied the data, you gave no thought to what you were doing. How could you do something foolish? You almost got sent to the police station!” I sighed and whispered, “Ah, this woman only has a big chest and no brain.”

“What did you say?!” Meng QingQing’ hearing was keen, and so, she heard bits of what I whispered in a low voice.

“Nothing. I just said that your chest is very comfortable to touch!” I spoke thoughtlessly.

“Humph. See if I let you touch me again!” Meng QingQing snorted and said, “Why can’t I open this files then?”

“Why can’t she open the files?” I turned to Chu Gao and asked.

“What did she use to open it?” Chu Gao asked.

“What did you use to open the files?” I asked Meng QingQing.

“Word, I used Shuguang Office Word!” Meng QingQing said.

“She said that she opened it with Shuguang Word,” I told Chu Gao.

“Tell her to open it with 3DSMax,” Chu Gao said.

“You use 3DSMax to open those files!” I said to Meng QingQing.

“No wonder. I had thought that the suffix was different and even changed it to DOC. So that’s why it didn’t work!” Meng QingQing suddenly said as if she had been enlightened.

“…” I felt like fainting. Does this woman even understand how to use computers! “Your company is not suitable for R&D, you should only stay in the sales channel. Don’t try something that you can’t afford,” I suggested in a serious tone.

“Humph. You think I don’t know! Since you contracted with Shuguang and started to sell their computers, the brands I have a partnership with can’t be sold well anymore. It’s all your fault! If you don’t want me to do R&D, then you better compensate me for my losses!” Meng QingQing said with anger.

“Forget it. I will give you my retail business.” I just wanted to let her be happy. As long as she is happy, what is a meager retail business? Anyways, the retail business profits aren’t too much for me either.

“Are you telling the truth?” Meng QingQing asked with happiness overflowing in her tone.

“My words are worth gold you know!” I said to assure her.

“Hehe, good. After the event, I will invite you to dinner!” Meng QingQing happily said.

“Okay. You can come to our company tomorrow. I will give you the purchase channels, sales information, and the contracts.” I said.

After getting a good deal, Meng QingQing hung up. Chu Gao looked towards me with a bitter expression, “Boss, you just gave her the PC retail business!”

“Yeah!” I nodded, “Is there any issue?”

“Boss, that’s millions in profits every year!” Chu Gao said as his face was filled with regret.

“Don’t make it sound so miserable! It will be mine again sooner or later!” I laughed.

“What do you mean by that? Oh, I understand, haha!” Chu Gao started to smile lustfully, “When you get the girl, her company will also be yours. Hehe, let’s merge her Dream Corporation with our New Century!”

“Or, we can also merge New Century with her Dream Corporation. That’s also a way, and also more reasonable!” I smacked on his head.

“No! No can do!” Chu Gao said hurriedly as his face turned pale, and his expression ugly.

“You are the General Manager, what’s there to be afraid of?” I said with a laugh.

“Hehe, Boss understands me, but will that Meng QingQing agree as well?” Chu Gao said with a smile.

“You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you work for me sincerely, you will have an even bigger enterprise to witness and run.” I said as I thought about Sun Sikong and Xu Qingwei’s research institute. Heh, later, I will also carry out a Major Extraterrestrial Exploration Project.

“Relax Boss. I, Chu Gao, will only be loyal to you in my whole life. I will certainly follow you with sincerity and loyalty, and…” Chu Gao said as he tried to cry fakely.

“Wait… stop right there! What the heck do you mean by true sincerity and loyalty? If you want to confess your love, do it to someone else. I don’t have any interest in that field. You better stay away from me, go far away…” I quickly rushed away from Chu Gao.

“How could that be? Boss, this is my loyalty to you, your scientific theory, and literary talent. Haha…” Chu Gao said as he smiled ridiculously.

As I and Chu Gao returned to the conference room, we heard laughter coming out of the room. As we pushed open the door, all the voices stopped and the room became quiet.

To be honest, I am not a very rigid person and don’t like oppressing my staff and stop them from having some fun among themselves. After all, if everyone is relaxed, the working environment will be much better and livelier.

“What’s wrong? What were you all just discussing? Continue, let me and Chief Chu participate as well.” As I saw none of them speak, I said to lighten the mood.

After my words, I could see everyone look towards Yang Mei who was blushing crimson…