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“So? I have heard that Director Liu and Chief Chu are University roommates. Obviously, their relationship will be good! What’s so strange about it?” The R&D Manager said.

“Humph. I won’t bicker with a foolish nerd like you anymore! As far as I can understand, Director Liu’s status isn’t simple.” Yang Mei said while raising her fists in discontent.

“I said, Mei Mei, why are you so interested in Director Liu’s matter? Don’t tell me you have some ideas!” The Marketing department Manager said. He was the oldest of them all, and Yang Mei was about the same age as his daughter. Therefore, he wasn’t very scrupulous when teasing Yang Mei. He was the only one who dared say something like this, others would never; on top of that, the Investment Department Manager also had a crush on Yang Mei, making others apprehensive of making a joke like this.

“What’s the problem with that! I have decided, I am going to pursue Director Liu! Humph.” Yang Mei said, still acting like a fake leader.

As everyone listened to her, they laughed it off like a joke. But the Manager of Investment Department was different. As he listened to her words, his expression turned ugly and he said in a sour tone, “Director Liu doesn’t even have any real power nor is his income too great. Will he even be able to provide for you?”

Li Xiaogang, the Manager of the Investment Department, was actually a good man who graduated from a famed University. After graduating from the University of Finance, he became a Manager of Investment Department at his age of 30. It was a great achievement. The Investment Department also had a lot of bonuses, and they got a cut from every successful investment. Therefore, Li Xiaogang’s wages were only second to Chu Gao.

“Humph. Is this Manager that poor. A handsome man like Director Liu, with his graceful demeanor, even if he doesn’t have any money, or even if he doesn’t work at all, so what… This…, This Manager will provide for him!” As Yang Mei said the last sentence; though there was some force, her face was beet-red with embarrassment. She didn’t want to say those words. It was just because she was bickering with the Manager of Investment Department that she said them in a hurry.

“Hahaha!” The Marketing Manager took the lead and started to laugh. The other Managers followed after him, and soon, the room was filled with laughter. The only one who wasn’t happy was Li Xiaogang. In his heart, he was thinking that what could Director Liu amount to even if he had a good relationship with Chief Chu. In the end, he would at most be the Imperial Eunuch who serves the Emperor!


“Why is it you?” I looked at Meng QingQing who had her hands tied to her back. I couldn’t help but ask her with a strange expression.

As soon as Meng QingQing saw me, she acted as if she had been given an energy boost, and said to me, “Quickly, tell them to let me go!”

“Let her go,” I said to the guard holding her.

“But, Director Liu, she…” that security guard wanted to say explain.

But Chu Gao waved his hand and said to him, “Do as Director Liu says!”

Listening to Chu Gao, the security guard let Meng QingQing go.

Meng QingQing waved her hands. Making an expression of suffering from pain, she said to me, “You ask them, what is the meaning of their rudeness!”

“What meaning?” I looked at Meng QingQing, amused. Not only did this girl break into my company, she even stole our data. And now, she is asking why she was apprehended.

“Why did they apprehend me?” Meng QingQing said with innocent eyes.

If I didn’t know what actually transpired, I might have been deceived by her! The innocent look that Meng QingQing made, to me, was a very arousing look. It reminded me of that night and that feeling, making a certain part of my body grow restless. Ah!

I can’t understand what kind of sentiments I have for this woman, Meng QingQing. Guilt? Affection? Love? Still feeling crazy for her?

“You stole the private data of our company. We naturally need to apprehend you!” The security captain said.

“You say that I stole your data? Which eye of yours saw me steal anything!” Meng QingQing said with a humph.

“You! I, my both eyes saw you steal data!” The security captain was a simple and honest man and answered what he was asked about.

“Do you have any evidence? Just because you say that you saw me, would the court believe it? A verbal statement can’t be accepted as an evidence you know? As long as there is no evidence, you can’t say that I am guilty!” Meng QingQing said with disdain.

“I, this… the evidence was concealed by you!” The security guard said hurriedly. The poor guy was already getting flustered.

“Concealed? Where did I conceal it then?” Meng QingQing said haughtily.

“Concealed… you concealed it in your t!ts!” The security captain was already reaching his limit, and so, he said while pointing towards Meng QingQing.

“You! You vulgar…!” As Meng QingQing heard him say that, her face reddened as she said, “Humph. If you have the guts, then try to search me. But be careful, this young lady will certainly sue you for being a delinquent!”

“You… I…” the poor security captain was speechless for a while. With a wronged expression, he said to me and Chu Gao, “Chief Chu, Director Liu, please do something about this!”

Chu Gao had already recognized Meng QingQing to be the woman who made me yield at the auction multiple times. With his intuition, he was sure that the woman must have some sort of relationship with me, and so, he simply ignored everything and turned towards me.

I sighed lightly. Seems like I will have to handle the matter myself. However, hehe, Little Meng QingQing, it is you who asked for it so I won’t be too polite either. I grinned evilly and walked over to her.

Before Meng QingQing could respond, my hand had already entered her chest with great speed.

Um? Disk? I found it!

However, I didn’t take it out immediately. Instead, I started to grip, knead, and pinch the softness. As the turbulent waves rubbed against my hand, it provoked me to knead them even wilder.

Hehe, this feeling wasn’t bad at all. At that time, I was drunk, and so, had almost forgotten the feeling. But now that I felt her again, the feeling was intoxicating.

Though Meng QingQing was being thoroughly felt by me, she had already fallen into a stupor. If it were anyone else besides me who dared do something like this to her, she would certainly fight them to the bitter end.

But now, standing there, Meng QingQing had a silly expression as she let the rogue take all advantage of her. Generally speaking, the majority of girls have a very low immunity towards the man who took their first time. Meng QingQing was no exception.

After half a day of being in a stupor, Meng QingQing finally reacted. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any noise or tantrum, she just said in a low and malevolent tone, “Haven’t you touched enough!”

“Hehe…” I awkwardly took my hand out of her collar. The disk was also in my hands. With that, I explained to make myself feel a bit better, “Everybody, you have seen it. I have retrieved the stolen data for the company.”

Though I said that, I didn’t hear a reply from the others even after a long time. I was wondering when I saw Meng QingQing pointing behind me with a ‘fluttering’ smile.

As soon as I turned around to look, I discovered that the entire security room was empty. The only ones inside were me and Meng QingQing. Finally, I understood that Chu Gao must have taken them all away.

“How are you going to explain this now?” To lessen my awkwardness, I immediately shifted the topic towards the disc in my hand.

Meng QingQing shot a look towards the disk in my hand, and the tense expression she had from being fondled a moment ago disappeared. Leaning to the wall lazily, she said to me in her enticing voice, “You are just like other people claiming that I stole your information. Don’t give me so much nonsense, and send me to the police if you have the ability!”