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Situ Danshan finally found an opportunity to contact Li Kuiyong. They told Li Kuiyong to take the blame on himself while Situ Family will take care of his family for him.

As he got these words, Li Kuiyong’s heart felt light. He felt as if he got pardoned for everything. He felt a lot easier. The trials in the past days were forcing Li Kuiyong to the edge. He kept quiet because there was no word from the Situ Family. He was afraid that the Situ Family would abandon him, and his wife and children will not be treated well afterward!

Now that the Situ Family has given their words, he felt free from all responsibility! Everything that Li Kuiyong did over the years was enough to put him to the death trial. So, he was already considered a dead man.

To Zhong Yang’s surprise, Li Kuiyong seemed to have figured out life. He took all the charges on himself and claimed that Daxing Gang was established by him alone.

The level at which he explained all his crimes shocked even Zhong Yang. Li Kuiyong clarified everything that he had done over the years in precise detail but said not a word regarding the Situ Family.

No matter how much Zhong Yang questioned him, Li Kuiyong always said the same thing. The Situ Family was only the shareholder in the Baidu Company under Daxing Gang. As for anything else, they had nothing to do with Daxing Gang. Although Zhong Yang knew that the mastermind behind this entire gang was the Situ Family, he had no choice. There was no conclusive evidence, so there was nothing he could do against the Situ Family.

Instead, under the confessions of Li Kuiyong and his men, the Situ Family turned from the mastermind to the victims. They claimed that the Daxing Gang threatened Situ Family to invest in their Baidu Industry all these years and they had no choice. Li Kuiyong confessed to all these accusations. Daxing Gang got wiped out thoroughly.

The purpose of Situ Family was to get all these industries back in their hand; this time, legally. Zhong Yang, on the other hand, felt very helpless over this matter. Now all that was left was to wait for the final judgment of the court.

When I received this news, I almost couldn’t believe it. Isn’t it too dramatic? Daxing Gang got finished? Just like that. Of course, how could I let such a great opportunity slip by? I immediately contacted the Three Rock Gang and told them to take over all the previous sites owned by Daxing Gang.

I returned to City B for about ten days. Soon I remembered that Xia Jing’s mother had come to Songjiang, and so, sent someone to receive her.

At that time, I received a call.

“Is this Liu Lei? I am Xia Jing’s mother.” The voice of the person over the phone was flat. There wasn’t the slightest hint about what their mood might be.

“Yes, I’m Liu Lei. Hello, Aunt Xia.” I said in an abashed manner.

“Do you have time right now? We need to talk about my daughter’s matter.” Xia Jing’s mother said.

“There are no issues. I am free right now.” I didn’t have any thought about disagreeing. Even if she didn’t ask me to meet her; I would still go and find her.

“Hmm. Alright. In half an hour, there will be a blue commercial Buick with a license plate of BAXXXXX outside Huaxia University. You can get in the car directly when you get there. My driver will bring you to see me.” Xia Jing’s mother said.

“Understood! Mother-in-law!” I promised her.

“Don’t call me mother-in-law, just call me aunt.” Xia Jing’s mother said in the same deadpan tone.

“Uh… Okay…” I felt cold in my heart. It looked like my impression isn’t that good in Xia Jing’s mother’s mind; Seems like it won’t be easy to deal with her. AH! *sigh*

I hung up and shook my head helplessly. I couldn’t understand what Xia Jing’s mother wanted. Xia Jing still lived together with me, but she didn’t ask anything related to her. If my impression wasn’t any good in her heart, then how could she allow her daughter to stay with me?

Xia Jing knew that I was going to meet her mother, and so, she was anxious. She wanted to go together with me, but I rejected her sternly. If I brought Xia Jing along, her mother might think I was using her as a shield and despise me even more. As for why Xia Jing’s mother let her stay with him all these days, I found out the reason from Xia Jing. According to her, her relationship with her family isn’t very good. It could be inferred from the fact that Xia Jing ran away from home many times. Xia Jing’s mother also knew that forcing her daughter to do something might turn out to be counterproductive, and so, she let her do whatever she pleased.

I looked at my watch. As it was still early, I called Xu Er and had him bring me to the jewelry shop in City B. This time, the manager knew who I was, and so he took the initiative to give me a discount and also a beautiful jewelry box…

When I arrived at the entrance of Huaxia University, the time was just right. The blue commercial Buick with license number BAXXXXX arrived just at that time. I told Xu Er to return while I got onto the Buick.

Originally, I wanted to probe some information from the driver, but that damned guy was so tight-lipped. No matter what I asked, he didn’t reply with a single valuable word. The most common reply he gave throughout the way was: “Mr. Liu, I’m not sure about this. You will know when you arrive there.”

When he didn’t want to talk, what could I do! I could only sit in the car and wait for my meeting with Xia Jing’s mother.

Contrary to my expectation, the car didn’t drive me to some remote place, instead, it remained in the urban area. After a while, the car stopped before a building in the business district.

I got off the car and looked at the plaque hung on the building’s entrance. Soaring Dragon Group, it was the company that was owned by Xia Jing’s mother.

“Mr. Liu, please follow me.” The driver parked the car and got off together with me. He guided me through the first floor’s lobby of the Soaring Dragon Group.

It may be because the driver was there, but the receptionist didn’t stop me nor did she ask me why I was there. I followed the driver and entered the elevator. The scale and construction quality of this Soaring Dragon Group was quite high, but it paled in comparison to my Shuguang Company.

The elevator stopped at the 18th floor of the building. It was the top floor, and probably the place where the chairman’s office was.

Sure enough, after walking through the floor I saw many managerial and director’s offices. In the innermost part of the floor was the chairman’s office. It was probably the place where Xia Jing’s mother controlled the Soaring Dragon Group from.

As the driver knocked on the door, a voice was heard from inside, “Please come in!”

“Mr. Liu, you can enter now!” The driver gestured towards me.

I took a deep breath and recalled the feeling when I first went into Uncle Zhao’s office!