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I reminded the Situ Family not to rear poison, yet they seem to have paid no heed to my words. Oh well, this time they will surely know that they are in trouble.

I never thought that the pig was so easily intimidated. Zhong Yang scared him by saying that the drugs they confiscated from him were already enough to put a capital crime on him. If he provided the nation with meritorious services, they might lessen his penalties and reduce his punishment. As a result, the fatty thought for a bit and then spilled out all the truth. He hid nothing and even told about the warehouse where they usually picked up the drugs from, and the approximate amount they transacted daily.

All this made it a lot more convenient for Zhong Yang. He had already wanted to uproot the Daxing Gang, but there was never a direct opportunity or evidence that they could get. But now, this fatty provided them with everything that they needed. It wasn’t hard to find the place that the fatty told them. Although the warehouse had heavy security, and the thugs even had guns on them; under the cooperation of the armed forces, there wasn’t much resistance, and they subdued the place quickly. And indeed, the warehouse had a lot of drugs: her*in, ecstasy, K powder, G powder, and many other drugs as well as guns and ammunition.

Not to mention possessing such a large amount of dangerous drugs, that quantity of unlicensed and illegal weapons and ammunition alone was enough to destroy a few of these gangs. The second leader of Daxing Gang, Li Kuiyong was arrested under all these charges. It wasn’t going to be possible for Daxing Gang to extricate themselves from this now.

When they arrested Li Kuiyong, he still couldn’t understand how the police got all their information? There wasn’t even any news about the police raid. The reason why the Daxing Gang survived until now was due to Situ Family who was their behind-the-scenes mastermind, and because they had sufficient funds to keep working. And the most important reason was that all the people in major fields would always give face to Situ Family. Even if there was any major turmoil; there will always be someone to inform them of it beforehand. That’s how they could survive until now.

But Zhong Yang wasn’t the same. This guy also had a very strong background, and so, he simply didn’t give a damn about the Situ Family. Even if it’s them, so what. If you sin, then I will catch you. That’s what this guy’s motto was. You want to save them, impossible. The evidence is conclusive. There is no way out now.

It wasn’t until they brought him to the interrogation room that Li Kuiyong realizes that the matter this time was very serious. It was no longer a joke if they really got charged with all those penalties. He wanted to contact the Situ Family outside, but the police gave him no chance.

After several days of surprise trials, Li Kuiyong could hold no more. The Situ Family had sent him no help, not even in the form of a paper. In fact, he knew that he was done for. The people of Situ Family were also burning in anxiousness and furrowing their brows. After Li Kuiyong’s arrest, they used a lot of relationships and their Family’s background to push the matter down. But there were hundreds of pounds of her*in, ecstasy, hundreds of pistols, and much other illegal stuff that were confiscated. It was already a very terrifying matter. No one dared intervene in these muddy waters. Those who were very close to the Situ Family had now drawn a clear line between them. They made it clear: We used to be friends because we didn’t know you possessed so many drugs and illegal weapons. Now that we know, you may f*ck off! People weren’t stupid. They knew if they didn’t make their relations clear, then they will be dragged into this pit being dug for the Situ Family.

Situ Kong found a lot of people to deliver word to Li Kuiyong, but none of them could do it. It was inevitable. Li Kuiyong was being interrogated in a special location. It was impossible for any information to enter or leak from there.

Situ Kong also learned from various of his sources that the damned issue was started by a conflict caused by the fatty and machete man Sheng’s group getting into trouble. A goddam* civil dispute turned into a massive criminal conglomerate. He was so mad at the two little bast*rds that he was fuming in rage. When he found out that the godda*n fatty was his brother, Situ Liang’s confidante, he immediately gave a good cussing to this little bast*rd.

Though Situ Liang was appearing timid on the outside, in his heart, he was jumping with joy. He reckoned that the matter was very serious and the Family was in great distress. The entire family was criticizing Situ Kong for being a failure. This bast*rd dealt in drugs and weapons behind grandfather’s back. Once grandfather knows about the entire situation, he will certainly lose his rights of being the actual heir. Once that happened, wouldn’t he, Situ Liang be the only heir left?

Originally, all these matters were being dealt with secretly. The higher ups of the Situ Family were not aware of this. To flame the fire, Situ Liang told all this matter to his grandfather, Situ Danshan. After Situ Danshan heard about the abomination committed by Situ Kong, he was so angry that his eyes rolled up and he spat out blood. He probably wanted to commit a few murders.

Situ Danshan sighed in his heart. His Family was unfortunate; what could he say? One grandson commits such a heinous blunder, yet the other is like this. One grandson is cunning and insidious yet got the family into trouble; the other grandson is an idiot, feeling schadenfreude in the demise of his own family.

Situ Danshan shook his head and said to Situ Liang, “I will deal with this matter. You can leave now.”

Situ Liang saw that his grandfather was immensely angry; instead of trying to calm the flames, the bast*rd started to flame them harder. In his heart, he was happy. This was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to one-up his older brother.

Situ Danshan instantly ordered for Situ Kong to appear and said to him, “Give up on the Daxing Gang. They are beyond saving.”

“Grandfather, Daxing Gang is my sweat and blood. I have worked hard for so many years.” Situ Kong was unwilling to give up. Daxing Gang wasn’t something he built over a night. He had put in a lot of effort and time to raise them.

“Sweat and blood of many years? Is it not enough that you haven’t been pulled down to hell completely? Do you want to screw over the entire family before you are satisfied?” Situ Danshan said in anger, “Bast*rd, just wait. I will deal with you later. For now, you must stay at home. Don’t you dare go outside! For now, the one to deal with the company’s affairs will be Situ Liang.”

Situ Danshan felt helpless. Situ Liang was foolish; he wasn’t as insidious and deceitful as his brother. But he was better than nothing. This was the worst decision that Situ Danshan had ever made in life. Though Situ Kong erred, he at least had some IQ. Situ Liang, on the other hand; giving him power was akin to leading a tiger to one’s own home. No, he was even worse than a tiger.

Situ Kong knew that his grandfather was trying to use his power and connections to get the Family out of this predicament. He sighed, gave a look of resentment to Situ Liang, and then turned around and left.

“Liang’er, I know what you might be thinking. I won’t say much; don’t take the same path as your brother.” Situ Danshan knew how his grandson was like, but he had a heavier responsibility at the moment. He might as well let the juniors of the family have a chance to get experienced.*

Situ Danshan remembered the young man who had taken the Daughters-in-law of his Situ Family. If his grandsons could be half as good as that man; his Situ Family would rise to the Heavens.

As soon as Situ Liang returned to his room, he gave this information to his best friend. He finally gained the core power of the Situ Family. Now, with two families combined (TL Note: Situ Liang and his best friends family), taking revenge won’t be that big of a deal. Who was he afraid of now!

* Old Bast*rd, if ya know that your godd*mn grandsons are useless, then give the job to one of your f**king sons. Not like they are dead, dammit.