Volume 3 – Chapter 159: Daxing Gang Dealing With Their Matters Part 2

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Who alerted the police?” Several uniformed police officers rushed over to the stairs.

“I, I reported, sir.” The lobby manager rushed to their side.

A police officer saw Xu Er standing like a thug with a machete in hand, he immediately pulled out his baton and rushed towards him, “Put down your weapon, or don’t blame us for being impolite.”

In his heart, Xu Er was crying injustice. Ah! Could this police officer not come a little early. At that time, the one holding the machete was that Boss Sheng and not me. Why are you showing me your baton, dammit?

“Sir officer, I am the victim here.” Xu Er tried to explain himself.

“Where is so much nonsense coming? Have any of you ever seen a victim holding a machete? If you aren’t honest, don’t blame me for not being polite. Don’t move in any way.” The officer said again, pointing his baton towards Xu Er.

“Sir officers, you all saw it with your own eyes. This person beat us all up.” The fatty said, rolling on the ground with a swollen nose and a pigs face.

“Yeah! You saw it. I can’t even stand up now.” Boss Shen added quickly. They are a bunch of experienced bastards, and so, started acting innocent as soon as they saw the police arrive.

“Who is right and who is wrong, the police will judge them. We don’t need you to spout so much nonsense.” The police officer said. It was already the later part of the night, and now there were these people causing trouble. He must arrest them all as the team leader was watching from the sidelines.

“Hey! What are you trying to do? Who are you with?” The police officer turned around and saw me walking beside him.

“I am with him.” I pointed towards Xu Er and said.

“Him? Then you also come with us.” The police officer said.

“Sorry, I can’t. I still have other matters to attend to.” I replied. I wasn’t that free to go with them.

“You…” the police officer was about to get angry when he saw his team captain walk over.

“Big Brother Zhong, we meet again!” I waved my hand towards officer Zhong Yang.

“Liu Lei, what are you doing here?” Zhong Yang laughed as he saw me.

“I had a bit of a conflict with the people of Daxing Gang. This fatty harrassed my girlfriend, and so, was beaten by my friend.” I pointed towards the fatty rolling on the floor.

As Xu Xueyun listened to me call her my “girlfriend”; her heartbeat sped up, while her face turned red. The one whom the fatty harrassed was her; was Liu Lei implying that she was also his girlfriend.

In fact, I didn’t pay much regard to my words. I saw that the fatty was coveting the girls, so I just said that. I didn’t notice the changes in Xu Xueyun’s expression.

The police officers who rushed over could already understand the situation. And observing that my relationship with Zhong Yang was good, their attitude towards my group immediately became polite. The one who was pointing his baton towards Xu Er was embarrassed, and said, “Brother, don’t take it to heart. We were doing our duty. Don’t worry. We now understand the situation.”

“No problem, no problem.” Xu Er is also a straightforward man, so he didn’t care about the insignificant matter nor did he take it to heart.

The police officer saw that we weren’t going to make things difficult for him before his team captain, so he went to the fatty and kicked the pig’s ass, “Bastard! Trying to elude the eyes of the police; get up and go to the station with us.”

Watching Zhong Yang take the fatty and the others away, we also left the hotel. The lobby manager was repeatedly apologizing to us and even gave us VIP cards. I just gave those VIP cards to Du Xiaowei.

However, I never imagined that this meager friction will be the spark that lit the fuse to the destruction of Daxing Gang.

We first brought Xu Xueyun back to the University, and then I had a chat with Xu Er. Now that the matter here was dealt, Xu Er wanted to return to Songjiang. I thought about it for a moment and said to him, “Big Brother Xu, what do you think about this city?”

Xu Er replied instantly, “It is good. Ah, it is also much livelier than Songjiang!”

Hearing Xu Er’s reply, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This guy was too straightforward; he couldn’t even understand what I actually meant. Sigh, I wanted to keep him around so he could help me. Though I have Du Xiaowei, he can’t do everything, that guy is not too reliable either. So I just said it straightforwardly for Xu Er’s pure mind to understand, “Oh, Big Brother Xu! How about you stay here and drive for me?”

“Huh! You want me to stay?” Xu Er felt somewhat inexplicable. “Then what about Songjiang and Boss Ding’s side? Ah! He has done a lot of kindness to me. Though Boss Liu Lei has also graced me with immense help, I can’t be ungrateful, right?”

“Haha.” I laughed and said, “Actually, Ding Baosan is also one of my men. I am his boss. Just tell him that you will be driving for me from now on, and there will be no issues.” This Xu Er was a really straightforward and honest guy.

“So that’s how it is! That is good then. In City B, I could also see my little sister more frequently. But your side has so many sisters-in-law…” As he was saying this, Xu Er had a blush on his face.

“That isn’t an issue. Tomorrow, I will give you money. Then you can go and buy a new house. Later, live there with your sister. Problem solved.” I said.

“How could I make you spend your money? Don’t worry. We will rent a house here in the city.” Xu Er refused. He couldn’t accept this.

“Don’t think too much. The house is something I will loan to you. When you no longer want to work for me, just return the house.” I said.

“Chief Liu…” Although Xu Er is a straightforward guy, he could still tell that me giving him a house was equal to the house belonging to him. With his character, there was no way that he will ever betray me or change sides.

“Don’t call me Chief Liu. How did I tell you to call me back then?” I said in a stern tone.

“What’s the matter? I am just calling you like I should. Now you are my boss after all.”

“Then I am ordering you as your boss. Later you must call me Brother Liu or Liu Lei.” I said authoritatively.

“Oh!… Okay then.” Xu Er laughed as he said.

I sent Xu Er back to the hotel he lived in and then returned to my villa with my harem.

Before we reached the villa, my phone rang. I took it out to see that it was a call from Zhong Yang.

“Hello. Big Brother Zhong, how did you remember me?” I asked.

“Liu Lei, this time you have done a great service to the country. It is a really big deal this time around. That bunch we arrested around you; we found drugs on them. That pig had a five-kilogram packet hidden on him. As for that Sheng bastard; we found a lot of ecstasy drugs on him. It’s going to be a big case!” Zhong Yang said as he was bursting with joy.

“Then let me congratulate you in advance. Congratulations! By the way, that fatty is the one with the most authority among them. When you interrogate them, let that pig suffer a bit more. You might be able to get him to spit a lot of useful information.” I reminded him. Heh! Dead pig, I will see how you act so arrogant in the future. Daring to harass my wives; see how I send you down to hell. You can go and have a chat with my brother down there.

“I know. Well then, I will invite you to a meal some other day.” With that, Zhong Yang ended the call.

“Husband, what’s the matter? Why are you so happy?” As Zhao YanYan saw me smiling happily, she asked like a curious cat.

“Hehe, of course, something good happened. Situ Family is going to be in big trouble now. It seems that the fiance of you two is going to be finished soon.” I said as I caressed Yu Ting and Liu Yue’s face.