Volume 3 – Chapter 158: Daxing Gang Dealing With Their Matters Part 1

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

I couldn’t help but frown when I heard that fatty’s words. But still, I didn’t explain it as people like him were just garbage, nothing to get involved. The lobby manager turned towards us, and smiled at us for an apology, “I am sorry, ladies and gentlemen.”

I didn’t care and just shook my head, preparing to leave this place quickly. But who would have known that when we passed by the fatty, that fatty grabbed onto Xu Xueyun’s sleeve, and said, “Chick, what about you? How much for a night? If you serve me well, I will pay you double.”

Xu Xueyun tried to pull her hand away from the fatty’s filthy paws, but where would she have that kind of strength? After a few rounds of trying to free herself, she failed. By now, she had both anger and anxiousness all over her face.

The fat man looked towards me, and said, “How about it brother? You can’t just do it with so many women, right? How about giving me some face, and letting me have some of them? How about it buddy!”

I, Xu Er, and Du Xiaowei had ugly expressions, but the fat man looked like he did not notice and continued his bullsh*t, “These little chicks are great material. I don’t know where you are from, buddy. Looking at them, I am already hard down there. Haha, I want to go back soon and give her a good banging.”

“Fu*k you mother, you ***. Ah!” Xu Er was a straightforward man. He was already drunk. Looking at his sister get bullied by the fatty, Xu Er felt his blood rush to his brain. Rushing up to him, Xu Er punched the fatty in the face and pulled Xu Xueyun over to his side.

The sudden punch stunned the fatty. He only reacted after some time. Pointing towards Xu Er, he said. “Your mother…, you dare hit me? Don’t you want to live anymore? Do you know who I am?”

“Who gives a fu** about who you are?” Xu Er roared in anger. His patience seemed to be running out.

“Wait!” I waved my hand to stop Xu Er from rushing up and beating that fatty to death. Looking at the fatty carefully for a long time, I said, “I know who he is. Yeah, I know him.”

As the fat man heard that I knew him, he immediately put on a smug smile, “Oh, you seem to have great vision. So how about you? What are you going to do to compensate me? Leave all these girls to me and pay me 300,000 for my mental damage and I will forget this matter. Otherwise, hehe, I will make you disappear from this planet.”

“Disappear from the planet? Are you going to send us on an Extraterrestrial tour for free?” I said as I laughed at the foolish fatty.

Du Xiaowei, as well as the women, couldn’t help but reveal a smile as they heard my words.

“Extraterrestrial?” The fatty was stunned for a moment but soon understood that I was playing him for a fool, and roared. “You dare speak to me like that? Do you even know who I am?”

“Ah, I know. Aren’t you that fatty who was responsible for collecting tuition at Huaxia University Finance Department?” I casually said.

“What!” Xu Xueyun exclaimed, “I had felt that he looked familiar. So that’s why? It was him! Brother, he is the teacher who caused me trouble on the first day of school.”

Xu Er listened to his sister and understood that this fatty was the one who caused trouble for her in Universtiy, the anger that had just subsided again rushed to his head. Immediately, he smacked the fatty again. I had to rush forward and stop him. Though he didn’t understand why I stopped him, he didn’t rush out again.

I looked at Xu Er who was scratching his ear and his cheek. I could tell that he wanted to beat the man but didn’t dare because of me. He looked funny, so I said, “Brothers, you all saw that the fatty found trouble for himself. Now, you can flatten him.”

Before my words fell, Xu Er already rushed out and hit the fatty again. Xu Er was an army retiree, and so, dealing with a fatty was not a big issue for him. So, I let him beat the fatty up and didn’t ask Du Xiaowei to join him. It was better to let Xu Er vent on this bast*rd.

Just Xu Er was enough to give that fatty a good beating. If I let Du Xiaowei get involved, then who knows if they would hang the fatty to death right here, on the spot.

“What is happening here?” At this moment, several people rushed out of another booth and saw the fatty getting beaten like a pig. They immediately surrounded us from all sides.

“Boss Sheng, this gang of brats beat me up,” the fatty shouted towards another man.

The Boss Sheng that the fatty called was a much bigger man. He had sharp eyes and held a machete as he walked. Raising his machete, he yelled at the people watching the fun, “Daxing Gang is dealing with their matters here. All the unaffiliated people and the busy people should get lost now.”

Those who were watching the fun scurried away as soon as they heard that the people were part of a triad. No one wanted to get involved in these damned matters. The lobby manager was the one in the most difficult position. He knew that if these people fought here, not only will the guests be scared away, even the hotel’s facilities will face damage.

“Which gang do you guys mix? Why did you beat up a person from our Daxing Gang?” This Boss Sheng was still a bit clever. He didn’t start fighting immediately. Instead, he revealed his identity and asked for ours to stay in the safe zone.

“Bullshit, they aren’t from any gang. They are students at my University. Don’t let any of these brats get away; torment them all to death.” Before anyone could say anything, the fatty yelled in his pig voice.

Boss Sheng looked towards us a few more times and still wanted to make sure that what the fatty said was right. But when he saw Zhao YanYan and the beauty of the others, all of them forgot what they had to do and said lecherously, “Ha, these several chicks are good. Good, the men will leave in a moment, while the women stay here.”

“No, you can’t let them go! Keep the brats here and beat them up to avenge my grievance.” The fatty shouted like a dying pig.

Although Boss Sheng was eager to get the beauties, he couldn’t just ignore the fatty. Although both he and this fatty were from the Daxing Gang, they didn’t have any high position. But for some reason, this fatty got chosen by someone from one of those Ancient Martial Arts Families and became their henchman. Although this fatty had no ability, he was the henchman of Situ Liang from the Situ Family, and so, Boss Sheng had to listen to his crap all the time.

“Who among you beat my people?” Boss Sheng yelled.

“I hit him. Whatcha gonna do?” Xu Er stepped forward and said haughtily.

“So it was you who beat him up! Brat, good. Today, I must beat you until you are disabled.” Boss Sheng said as he swung his machete towards Xu Er.

I didn’t expect this guy to be such a brave bast*rd that he dared to attack people in public. I was worried about Xu Er, but who would have known that though the guy was drunk, he was still a great fighter. He instantly crouched, avoided the machete, and swung his led towards Boss Sheng’s little brother. Immediately, Boss Sheng lost his grip on the machete, covered his little brother and grimaced in pain, crouching on the floor. Xu Er, on the other hand, seized the machete, lifted it up, and said, “Whoever dares to move, be ready to get cut down.”

I looked towards Xu Er and felt admiration for him. If not for the fact that I am better then him, who knows if my wives would have stars in their eyes for a strong man like him…