Volume 3 – Chapter 157: The Payment Crises

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

During the meal, Xu Xueyun said some words of gratitude, making me feel embarrassed. The truth is I only helped her with small matters, nothing major. Anyone else could have also done that.

The girls were all drinking. Xu Er and I started to drink red wine, replacing it with white wine later. Du Xiaowei could see that he wasn’t going to get anything to drink. As he had to drive a car later, I didn’t let him drink any wine. But looking at his pitiful eyes, I couldn’t bear it anymore and said to him, “You can drink. Later, Liu Yue can drive us back.”

Du Xiaowei immediately thanked Liu Yue, picked up a bottle of white wine, filled a big glass and downed it in one gulp. He could see the stunned Xu Er who was probably asking if someone could drink white wine like this?

Girls are girls; they soon found a lot of topics they could talk about. Though Xu Xueyun’s economic conditions are inferior to the other girls, apart from Zhao YanYan, Liu Yue, Yu Ting, and Xia Jing; Chen Wei’er, and Xu Ruoyun’s family circumstances were similar to Xu Xueyun’s. But the girls still loved each other, and so, they got along pretty well. Moreover, the beauty-seeking heart of the girl wasn’t just for the rich, every woman loved beauty. So, all the girls became mutually familiar soon.

After around three rounds of liquor, Xu Er was already lying on the table, dead drunk. Du Xiaowei also had a red face. The only person who was alright was me. Getting drunk is very difficult for me. Also, I have already learned my lesson before. Getting drunk was no small matter, there were a lot of troubles.

In the past life, drinking more got me on my deathbed. In this life, the only time after getting drunk, I ended up on Meng QingQing’s bed.

I saw that the time was right, and so, looked towards Liu Yue. Liu Yue nodded in an understanding manner, stood up, found an excuse that she needs to go to the toilet.

Liu Yue, this girl is very intelligent. She always understands what I want and does it. This is also one of the reasons that I love her very much. It was because I love her a lot that I was miserable when that matter happened.

After a while, Liu Yue returned and nodded towards me with a smile.

Everyone talked more for a while. Obviously, Xu Er could no longer drink anymore. He was speaking in a stuttering tone, giving his thanks and gratitude. How he will never forget my kindness and all that. Listening to his speech, Xu Xueyun blushed in embarrassment and rushed to step onto his foot. Xu Er wasn’t sober, and so, he yelled, “Younger sister, why do ya step on me? Did I say something wrong!”

“Brother, you didn’t say anything wrong. But you see, it is already very late and everyone needs to rest. Liu Lei and the others need to go back and rest.” Xu Xueyun had nothing else to reason.

“Oh!… That’s right. We will stop here then. Little Sister, ya go and pay the bill.”

“Brother…” Xu Xueyun looked towards Xu Er eagerly. She had estimated that the meal cost around 2000, and she had radically insufficient funds with her.

“What’s the matter…?” Xu Er was already staggering by now, and couldn’t use his brain anymore. If he was sober, he would certainly understand what Xu Xueyun’s predicament was. But now…

“I…” Xu Xueyun was getting short of breath. She didn’t know how to say she had no money in front of the guests that she herself had invited. It was very embarrassing.

“I, what…?” Xu Er still couldn’t understand, “Go and pay for it. What are ya waiting for? We still have to go back.”

Xu Xueyun was getting mad by now. What the heck do you mean by still have to go back? The main issue here is that we lack the money to pay for the meal.

I saw Xu Xueyun getting embarrassed like this, and so, I quickly said, “Didn’t I say before that you invite us, while I will be the one to pay the bill.”

“Ah! How can that be?” Xu Xueyun spoke.

“I think that there is nothing wrong with me paying though,” I said.

“No, not good…” Xu Xueyun said as she looked towards Xu Er. This damned brother, it was all his fault. Yet he is still not understanding.

“Well, no need to fight among yourself on who’s going to pay. Just now, when I went to the toilet, I bumped into a friend from the business. She said that our meal will be on the house, and we can order anything.” Liu Yue added naturally.

Even I had to admire Liu Yue’s quick-wittedness. What she said made it so that Xu Xueyun won’t lose any face, and everything will be alright. After all, meeting a business partner was a coincidence. It was a coincidence, nothing more. There was no way for Xu Xueyun to verify it after all.

“Ah! Then… then if I have the opportunity, I will ask you the next time…” Xu Xueyun looked towards Liu Yue gratefully. Xu Xueyun is a bright girl, and so, she understands that Liu Yue said it all intentionally to extricate her from the situation.

Just when everyone was getting happy, the unexpected Xu Er said bravely, “How is it good, eh? Sister, ya should ask how much the other person paid, and return them the money. ‘Kay.”

I looked towards the confused Xu Er and shook my head. Xu Er was fine, but he was too straight. His brain couldn’t produce schemes. However! Such a person was precisely the most faithful and will never have any thoughts of betrayal.

Xu Xueyun looked towards her brother, anger and resentment filled her eyes. This guy! Was it not obvious enough that they were in trouble that he had to come and destroy their own temple. He just ruined the entire harmonious atmosphere, ah!

Xu Er felt everyone staring at him and felt cold chills. He looked towards us and said, “What happened? Did I say something wrong?”

“It was my business partner who paid for the meal. I didn’t ask them how much they paid, and so, I don’t know. There is no need to worry about it. Just let it be.” Liu Yue said instantly, calming the atmosphere.

“Yeah!” Zhao YanYan also stepped forward at the correct time, and said to Xu Xueyun, “This time, you have already invited us. It is enough. But if Little Sister Xu wants to treat us again, then there is a Spicy Crayfish shop near the school. The stuff they sell is very delicious, completely mouth-watering. Might as well bring us there some other day?”

“Of course, there is no problem. Then it’s a promise. Elder Sister YanYan must come with me at that time.” Xu Xueyun said with a nod. After eating a meal together and talking so much, there was no more distance between them. And so, she didn’t feel embarrassment while addressing her intimately. There was nothing to be embarrassed between two sisters.

But when I heard them say it, I couldn’t stop myself from having some ambiguous thoughts. Did I also have a favorable impression of Xu Xueyun? Fuc*, I am becoming too colorful.

As we packed the things and left the hotel room, we saw a fatty cursing at a hotel manager for some reason on the stairs. As the fatty saw us, he pointed towards Xu Xueyun and shouted, “Fuc**er, when you do provide the service, why to claim that you don’t. Who are they then?”

“They are the guests in the hotel…” The front door manager replied.

“Guests! I, XXXX your mother. You think I am a XXXX little bi**h, and can’t see with my eyes. Where do you get three men and so many pretty women as guests? Aren’t they all just little servicewomen?” The fatty yelled while looking towards us.