Volume 3 – Chapter 156: The Awkward Liu Yue

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

As our group came to the private room upstairs, Xu Xueyun was already ordering food. Seeing so many people arrive, she had a strange expression.

She thought that the people had entered by mistake, but as she saw me and Xu Er follow behind, she knew that there was no mistake. “Brother, they are…”

“Little sister, all of them are the sisters-in-law…” Xu Er explained with some embarrassment.

“Huh!” Xu Xueyun made the same expression as Xu Er had before. She was so surprised that her mouth opened wide. Even the waiters who were taking the order from the side had an inexplicable expression.

The waiters didn’t dare to think much, but they gave a silent bow. In their hearts, they were wondering just how many brothers this man has; He had so many sisters-in-law.

However, only Xu Xueyun understood that all these sisters-in-law were my girlfriends as she had asked me to bring her along. Seeing so many of them, how could she not be surprised?

Xu Xueyun looked over all these girls. The only one she recognized was Zhao YanYan, and so, she nodded towards her in greeting. But then she felt that she neglected the others. And so, she stepped forward, and with some tweaking, she said, “You…, Are all of you well!”

“Ah! Hello. No wonder our husband was so anxious to come to the dinner. The one who invited him was a beauty, ah!” said the generous Liu Yue. Of all the girls, Liu Yue had the most prominent social skills. So joking and laughing at an occasion was not a paradox for her.

“Ah! You are the beautiful one, Elder Sister.” Xu Xueyun said as she felt overwhelmed. For an entire year, she had been studying in morning school. All her classmates were older than her, so she thought that Liu Yue must be older than her too. And so she blurted out Elder Sister.

However, Liu Yue probably had other thoughts and looked towards me with a smile, and said, “My husband, our little sister Xue just called me Elder Sister. Tell me, is she also your wife?”

When YanYan and Chen Wei’er listened to her words, they both laughed as well. Xu Xueyun, on the other hand, had a face so red that blood might drip out anytime. She hadn’t thought so much when she called her Elder Sister.

Now that she thought about it, in Tv, if the men had multiple wives, then the wives who came late to the group would address the ones who came earlier as Elder Sister. How could they not misunderstand her words!

“I… I don’t have anything… like that with Liu Lei…” Xu Xueyun explained in a hurry. However, the more she explained; the redder her face became. In fact, Xu Xueyun also had favorable feelings towards the boy before her who had helped her twice.

They were just positive feelings as she knew that he already had a girlfriend. So she didn’t think much about it. But now that they mentioned it, her heart was beating madly.

“No need to deny. There is nothing we will mind.” Liu Yue said as she looked towards Zhao YanYan.

Looking at the respectful expression of Liu Yue, Zhao YanYan was very happy. Though Zhao YanYan and the others knew that the status in my heart was the most important, and I had also stated that I love them all equally, the girls knew that my feelings were the deepest for Zhao YanYan. And so, they consciously or subconsciously treated Zhao YanYan as the Queen of the Harem.

“Right! Little Sister Xueyun, if you have any worries, you must tell us. Lest our husband bullies you.” Zhao YanYan nodded in agreement.

Although I couldn’t help but feel bad for Xu Xueyun who they joked about, their friendly understanding among them made me very satisfied.

After all, men needed to do a lot of stuff everything. If the women were not harmonious than he won’t have anything else to do besides mediating between them.

Alright, YanYan, Liu Yue, don’t cause any more trouble. Look at Ruoyun and the others, no one is speaking.” I tried to mediate in haste.

“Aiya! My husband is biased!” Liu Yue suddenly shouted, “Husband had said today that he was not biased, but now he is acting biased.”

“How am I biased?” I questioned with a shout.

“My husband, whenever you call the other sisters and YanYan, you call them so affectionately. Only when it is me, you use my full name…” Liu Yue said with a sly grin.

I couldn’t help but laugh. These girls are pretty good, ah! Trying to conspire against me. It was only later that I found out that the girls always thought that I am trying to get into a relationship whenever I meet a girl.* Though they don’t oppose my relations, women are still selfish creatures. It was the only way for them to vent their jealousy.

“It is because your name is just two words,” I shook my head while I said, “If you are pleased by it, then I will call you… Hmm, right! I will call you YueYue.”*

“Argh… No need. It is sickening to hear.” Liu Yue shook her head.

“That’s true, my obedient cousin.” I laughed.

“Ah!” As Liu Yue heard me call her cousin, her face turned red. Although the two of us already understood that we are not blood-related cousins, I always like to call her cousin whenever she is happy. She too calls me cousin. It was just a quirk between us. In fact, the others already knew about it. After all, they all live together and have nothing to shy away from each other.

But now that I addressed her like this before outsiders; although Liu Yue is open-minded, she still blushed. And looking towards the strange expression of Zhao YanYan who was trying to hold in her laughter, Liu Yue wanted to burrow herself into the ground.

Xu Xueyun looked puzzled and asked, “Cousin? You are Liu Lei’s cousin?”

Liu Yue always had this scar in her heart. When questioned by Xu Xueyun, she couldn’t help but hide behind me.

When I saw that I had reached my goal of punishing my little Liu Yue, I decided to stop, and explained to Xu Xueyun, “It’s not blood-related, just a habit I have.”

“Oh!” Xu Xueyun is a simple-minded girl and didn’t think into it too much, “It seems that we need to order a few more dishes.”

“Ah! Yes.” The waiter quickly brought over the menu again. It was only now that the waiters realized that the women were that man’s girlfriends, and so, dared not giggle anymore.

They weren’t fools and knew that someone who could bring along so many ‘mistresses’ certainly won’t be someone ordinary; He might be a Young Master from one of the richest family. And so, they introduced their best dishes.

Although Xu Xueyun promised to treat me to a meal, she certainly didn’t have so much money with her that she could afford those luxury dishes. I could understand her worries and took over the menu from her with a smile. In a single breath, I ordered a lot of the luxury dishes.

Xu Xueyun’s forehead was covered in sweat. The money she had with her was certainly not going to be enough. Ah! It seems that I will have to ask Big Brother to pay the bill, she thought.

Since she was the host and I was the guest; she didn’t stop me from ordering so many luxury dishes, and the expensive red wine, or the other drinks.