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“Liu Yue, it’s not the time to scold me right now. Do you not think that there is something wrong with Yang Mei’s letter?” I was staring at the letter, trying to understand the meaning behind the words.

As soon as my words left my mouth, Liu Yue’s regained her usual calm and looked at the letter together with me. Gradually, Liu Yue’s brows started to tighten!

It could be seen from Yang Mei’s letter that she still loved me! It was visible that she had still not given up the thought of being together with me! But this letter seemed to have been written in helplessness… as if some other factors forced her to write this, making her unable to keep on loving me!

What could be the reason? Had her family forced her to go on a blind date and betrothed her to someone she didn’t like? This possibility was almost zero! I don’t believe that someone like Li Xiaohong would give up on someone of my caliber and make Yang Mei marry someone else!

Since this wasn’t the case, then what happened?

“I don’t know if my feeling is correct or not, but why am I having the thought that Yang Mei’s words resemble someone who is soon to be leaving the world?” Liu Yue said hesitantly.

Right! I was also having such a feeling! Forever, finally, and other such words. This kind of words only appears in letters like suicide notes! But Yang Mei had actually been in my heart! Could it be that……

“It can’t be that Yang Mei committed suicide?” I shook my head hard.

“Impossible!” Liu Yue also shook her head, “From my contact with Yang Mei over these days, she’s definitely an open-minded and positive person. It’s impossible that she will stoop to the level of committing suicide over her sentiments. Let alone you haven’t even rejected her directly, so she still had a lot of hope, how could she still commit suicide! This is why I am not sure of what I am feeling right now!”

Still had a lot of hope? It seems like this girl was assured that I will certainly be able to accept Yang Mei? I helplessly shook my head and didn’t give much thought to the matter. Right now, the key to the issue was Yang Mei… this girl making me anxious to death!

My heart suddenly became confused and I regretted why I had not accepted her! Goddammit! Why had I been playing the wolf in sheep’s cloth and waiting? If I had accepted her already, we wouldn’t have had to come to this!

“Resigning so suddenly was already very strange, yet writing such a bewildering letter on top of that… if this isn’t the recipe for worrying people than what is!” I sighed, “Do you have any other way to contact her!”

“I have already tried all possible ways that I knew! The people who knew her haven’t seen her! She also gave up the house she was renting last week!” Liu Lei shook her head, “Right, you are asking me but haven’t you been to her family house? Don’t you have her family’s contact?”

Ah! How could I have forgotten something so important like that? I had Li Xiaohong’s phone number! Thinking of this, I didn’t give a thought to the fact that it was already past 10 in the evening, and immediately dialed Li Xiaohong’s number. No one picked up the family’s landline. Even when I dialed Li Xiaohong’s cell phone number, it was turned off!

What was this family doing? However, getting angry right now was useless. What mattered was to first find Yang Mei!

I immediately called the local Three Rock Gang’s boss in D City.

“Hello, Chief Liu, what can I help you with?” After the call connected, Lu Haotao’s voice came from the receiver. Right now, Lu Haotao already knew that I was his real boss. He was rejoicing over the fact that he had tried his best to flatter me last time!

“Old Lu, do you know Yang Mei’s family’s address?” I didn’t want to waste time on his nonsense and cut to the chase.

“Chief Liu, the one you are talking about is your girlfriend, right. I know her address, is there something you need me to send over?” Lu Haotao asked.

“I have a matter I need your help with. You, immediately go over to Yang Mei’s house right now!” I said.

“I should go over? Haha, Chief Liu, I understand. Just say what brand you need and I will have ten people rush out and buy them all!” Lu Haotao said.

“What buy? What brand?” I couldn’t understand just what this guy was trying to say! This fellow wouldn’t have been sleeping, right? “Were you sleeping?”

“I haven’t gone to sleep yet, Chief Liu! Don’t you want me to go to your girlfriend’s house?” Lu Haotao asked.

“Yeah, I want you to go right this instant. What did I say and what are you saying?” I didn’t have the patience to deal with this guy.

“Chief Liu, aren’t you in your girlfriend’s house right now? Don’t you want me to bring some condoms to you?” Lu Haotao asked strangely.

“What? I want you to deliver condoms to me? Which ear did you hear me say that from?” Listening to Lu Haotao’s explanation, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am not in D City, moreover, I don’t have filthy thoughts like you!”

“AH? That’s not how it was?” Lu Haotao said with some embarrassment, “Chief Liu, you know I am a crude man, so please don’t be offended by me. Since you are calling me so late at night, I thought that you might have a sudden spark of desire and wanted some protection, so I formed my own conjecture! Hehe.”

“Alright, listen to me now. You must immediately go to Yang Mei’s family home and see if there is someone home. If there is someone there, then call me back immediately! I have a very urgent matter!” I said to him.

“Alright, Chief Liu, I will go there immediately!” Lu Haotao didn’t dare ask too much and hastily complied.

As I put down the phone, I saw Liu Yue looking at me with a faint smile. Lu Haotao, that old man had quite a large voice when he roared in the phone, and Liu Yue obviously heard what I said to him.

“Hehe, my dear boss, don’t tell me you have been having this man frequently deliver protection to you in the past? Otherwise, how could he be so skilled at this, directly asking for what you might need?” Liu Yue stared into my eyes and said. Although she knew that Yang Mei and I hadn’t had such relationships, she couldn’t help but tease.

“Alright, my great queen, you are cracking jokes at a time like this. I am already getting very anxious!” I hastily gripped onto Liu Yue’s hand, hinting her not to crack any more jokes at this time.

“Now you know how to be anxious? I wonder who was it that didn’t accept the treasure at his door before!” Liu Yue didn’t intend to let me off the hook! She still believed that I was the one who caused Yang Mei into leaving!

After being together over this time, both in work and private life, Liu Yue had already regarded Yang Mei as her very close friend. And when she joined the harem, not only will she be a good friend, but also a great sister! Therefore, the first thing she let me know right after I returned home was this matter! I was worried but Liu Yue was worried even more than me!

Liu Yue and I intently gazed at my cell phone, hoping for some news from Lu Haotao. Hoping that Yang Mei was with her family, doing well!

However, life doesn’t go as one wants all the time! As life would have it, the phone soon rang and Lu Haotao delivered the news. What he said was obviously not any good news!

There was nobody in Yang Mei’s family. The lights were turned off, leaving the entire house pitch-dark and the door was also shut tightly!