Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Zhao YanYan: The main girl who he loved in his past life. Liu Lei died on his wedding.
Ye XiaoXiao: Liu Lei’s hot teacher who he f***ed when he was drunk af. She ran away from him. Hasn’t had a mention yet.
Yu Ting: Liu Lei’s first love who was almost r a p e d when they were young. Liu Lei saved her by smashing a brick into the r a p i s t’s head.
Chen Wei’er: The girl with the Mala Tang. She’s the one he was stranded on a strange island with and plucked her their.
Xia Jing: The girl who ran away from home and became Liu Lei’s Gan Sister and slept with him, naked. The two rubbed against each other for excitement. Later he crashed her wedding in America, but the chick was already at his home.
Liu Yue: The girl who’s car dealership Liu Lei invested in and she’s also Liu Lei’s cousin in a sense. Not blood-related.
Xiao Ruoyun: The computer girl who went to the computer tournament with Liu Lei and Zhao YanYan, and literally died at someone’s hand, but Liu Lei revived her.
Su Yingzi: The Celebrity who was almost r a p e d by someone, but Liu Lei saved her. Later, Liu Lei temporarily became her bodyguard.
Wu YingYing: She’s fatty Wu’s sister whose car Liu Lei crashed and had to get her a new race car, twice.
Shirley: Liu Lei’s foreign mistress and also the star he adored in his past life. He met her in US, and got her a major role in movies. She was the maiden cleaned and prepared for him by David.
Meng QingQing: The girl who Liu Lei f***ed when he was drunk
and went to a bar to get himself a p r o s t i t u t e. She’s the one who broke into New Century to steal data, yet had her t i t s thoroughly fondled and kneaded.
Xu Xueyun: Xu Er’s sister whom Liu Lei saved from the Vase Scam guy. She’s the chick who doesn’t have a phone. {Not in a relationship with Liu Lei}
Hu Something…: I can’t remember her name, but she’s the chick who had an engagement with Liu Lei since childhood. She’s the daughter of Liu Lei’s father’s best friend. From a poor family. She disappeared, but later reappeared and is preparing for her College Entrance Examination. {Not in a relationship with Liu Lei}
Wang Shu: She’s the girl who has a crush on Liu Lei. Both met in an airplane when Liu Lei was going to Japan for the tournament with Ding Wenfeng. She was kidnapped, but then escaped. {Not in a relationship with Liu Lei}
Aoi You Xiang: The Japanese Star Liu Lei r a p e d when he was in Japan because he felt she was to be blamed for Wang Shu’s disappearance. {Zhao YanYan just ignored her saying that Aoi You Xiang can be considered a P r o s t i t u t e Liu Lei f***ed.}