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Readers: Ahmad, are there any perks?

Ahmad: That’s the first thing you ask?

Readers: Alright then. Ahmad, where the fuck had you been?

Ahmad: I was moving to another server, migrating the former database and all that, working on the new site and all that.

Readers: WTF? Didn’t you change server last month?

Ahmad: I did, but the goddamn host wouldn’t accept a payment this month no matter what.

Readers: Okay, then how do you explain the time it took? It didn’t take this long last month. You literally went invisible for two days, no, more than two days.

Ahmad: It’s because I thought that I was going to change host either way, so might as well set up everything. Also, I am not a tech guy so I had to learn how Linux servers work and all that stuff from scratch. It takes time.

Readers: Then what about now? Are you gonna change the server again next month?

Ahmad: Hell, NO! Unless Digital Ocean’s data center blows up or is hit by a natural disaster (may that never happen), you can rest assured that the site will not undergo a maintenance like this for as long as I am in the translation community.

Readers: Oooh. Then what about the new site? What will we see?

Ahmad: You will see it soon. Soon, the domain name will point to https://____.__ and the entire site will also look more beautiful with less trash (ads) all over.

Readers: But aren’t ads a source of income for the site?

Ahmad: They are, but they hurt my eyes. I don’t know about you.

Readers: Then what about you? Are you going to disappear like this in the future?

Ahmad: No (wipes the cold sweat from his forehead), certainly not.

Readers: Then what about the future? What is your release schedule going to be like?

Ahmad: Release schedule, my friend, is something you must never ask about. Goddamn, I am never going to give a definite time. Whenever I give a time, something comes up. Just rest assured you will get all chapters.


Ahmad: Back to Perks now. Those in the Discord Server will be able to participate in giveaways, giveaways of advanced chapters, tiers, and some random stuff. 

Patrons: What about the chapters, why didn’t you just post them on Patreon?

Ahmad: Um… Remembers the 5 accounts Patreon fucked. I don’t want to do that. Too much risk involved.

Patrons: Weren’t we getting more chapters before?

Ahmad: Sigh, here’s the calculation.


Tier 1 – 3 Chapters ahead of public release.

Tier 2 – 7 Chapters ahead of public release.

Tier 3 – 12 Chapters ahead of public release.

Tier 4 – 18 Chapters ahead of public release + the bonus.

There was no Tier 5


Tier 1 – 1 Premium Chapter every week. After a month you are ahead of the public release by 4 chapters. 8 chapters after 2 months. 12 after three months. So on and so forth.

Tier 2 – 2 Chapters every week. After a month, you are ahead of public release by 8 chapters. 16 chapters after two months. 24 chapters after three months.

Tier 3 – 3 Chapters every week + 2 Chapters at the end of month. After a month, you are ahead of the public release by 14 chapters. 28 after 2 months. 42 after 3 months.

Tier 4 – 5 Chapters every week. After a month, you are ahead of the public by 20 chapters. 40 after 2 months. 60 after three months.

Tier 5 – Just the number makes me shiver. Too hard to calculate.