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While Wang Xiang was pondering how to deal with the man before him and whether he was an enemy or friend, Feng Tian was busy getting information from the young boy. The old man was so lost in thought he didn’t even realize his grandson was busy explaining the situation of the Kingdom to the stranger.

From the boy, Feng Tian came to know that he was currently in a Tier 3 Kindom named the Red Sky Kingdom. The Kingdom was under the jurisdiction of the Holy Saint Empire, the ruler of their continent, Holy Light Continent. The boy didn’t know much about the other Kingdoms and how the Cultivators and Cultivator ranks were distributed among the various Kingdoms but he knew that there were a lot of Kingdoms just like their own.

Right now, the Red Sky Kingdom had been at war with their neighboring Kingdom, the Golden Sun Kingdom for a long time. The two Kingdoms were identical in strength and also the strongest Tier 3 Kingdoms around. The biggest reason for the war, as the boy had heard from others, was to get hegemony over the Tier 3 Kingdoms, becoming the representative of the Empire.

Right now, they were headed to the Capital of the Red Sky Kingdom, the Red Sky Imperial City where the imperial family resided. At the helm of the Kingdom was the Lu Family, the oldest as well as the founders of the Kingdom, while their Wang Family was the second strongest and also the vassals of the King, existing to serve the Kingdom till their last drop of blood.

After the boy gave a basic description of the stuff he knew, he began to speak with a proud expression, “Big brother, do you know, I am also going to the Empire’s Holy Light Academy soon. We were returning from the Heavenly Pavilion in the Kong City. They hosted a test for all prospective martial art youths…” saying till here, the young boy’s face was getting red with excitement, “… and you know what, I got the first position in the test!”

“Oh… that’s quite an achievement you got there,” Feng Tian praised as he looked at the youth’s expression that was asking for praise. After that, he continued to chat with the boy for some more time, getting as much information as he could. As for Wang Xiang, he was still lost in thoughts on what to do now.


After half an hour of travel, the carriage suddenly came to a halt, waking up Wang Xiang from his daze. As he came to his sense and looked around, he saw that Feng Tian was sitting there with his eyes closed while his grandson was playing with some toy of his as he leaned back on the seat.

“Master, we have arrived at the gate of the Capital. There’s a line of other carriages and people that before us – should I reveal our identity and go past them?” The butler’s voice sounded from the outside.

Before the carriage was a long line of other carriages, big and small, old and luxurious, all kinds of carriages could be seen in front. Next to the carriages was a long line of people – tall, thin, fat, short, women, men, old, children, all sorts of people could be seen. The Capital appeared to be quite prosperous just from the number of people wanting to enter.

The Capital was protected with a tall wall surrounding it from all sides. The wall appeared to be over 20 meters and around 5 meters thick, soldiers standing at a distance of 1 meter from each other over the wall, holding weapons, managing the artillery. The security here was very strong.

Above the gates of the City was a red plaque with the words “RED SKY IMPERIAL CITY” written in bold and domineering white calligraphy. On either side of the gates were the statues of two men holding swords in their hands made out of Gold and Dark Iron, staring straight, giving out the aura of warriors who had lived through innumerable wars.

“No need, we can wait,” Wang Xiang replied back. As one of the strongest in the Kingdom, Wang Xiang obviously didn’t need to do something like this. He could go through the gates as he pleased the moment he said his identity, but he never did that – not because he was afraid of enemies laying an ambush, Wang Xiang just felt strange whenever he would have to reveal his identity before a crowd.

Once people realized who he was, they would give him those strange looks of reverence, adoration, worship, and respect. Many others might want that but Wang Xiang always felt uncomfortable with that. He didn’t like getting so much attention and simply wanted to live in peace. He remembered that he always wanted to be part of the limelight when he was young, but after living for more than 200 hundred years and going through wars and death of his loved ones, he no longer wanted any of that. Even the war with the Golden Sun Kingdom, Wang Xiang wanted for it to end as soon as possible and as peacefully as possible, without major bloodshed.

After waiting for another hour, they finally entered the city. Feng Tian still sat on the same place with his eyes closed. As the carriage entered the city, it started to make its way to the heart of the city. Just when the carriage was going through a business street, Feng Tian suddenly opened his eyes as he looked to his left, “Stop!” he yelled.

Wang Song, Wang Xiang, and Wang Long were immediately scared into jumping as the carriage was immediately stopped. “The three of you can go ahead without me, I will be getting off here,” saying this, Feng Tian jumped opened the door of the carriage and immediately got out.

How could Wang Xiang let this guy get away from his vision? So he also got out immediately and rushed after Feng Tian, followed by Wang Long with Wang Song moving the carriage from the middle of the road to a side so as to not create a disturbance for the others.

Once he had found a good spot to stop the carriage at, Wang Song also rushed into the direction where the others had gone off to.


Just a moment ago when Feng Tian was sitting in his place with his eyes closed, he had actually been looking at the city outside with the same peculiar energy he had used to inspect his body back in the forest. Divine Sense, that’s what that energy was called, an ability that allowed Cultivators of a high rank to look at the world from a completely new perspective at 360-degrees.

Right when Feng Tian was bored of looking at the ordinary city and was about to retract back his Divine Sense, his Divine Sense picked up a very faint trace of energy coming from a distance. Feng Tian felt the energy to be familiar yet odd, so he immediately rushed out of the carriage to see what it was.


Rushing through the crowd, Feng Tian arrived before a store. The gate of the store had a plaque with the name “Du’s Medical Center.” It was obviously a doctor’s store. At this moment, a young girl’s sorrowful voice was coming from inside the store.

“Doctor Du, please do something, please help save our mother! Doctor Du, I beg you to save our mother. As long as you can save our mother, I am willing to toil like a slave for you! We siblings only have our mother – please have mercy and save her!” The young voice begged as her sound got louder and louder.

As Feng Tian stepped into the store and looked at the scene before him, a peculiar expression appeared on his face. The girl before him was a beautiful girl appearing to be around 16. Next to her was standing an adorable boy who appeared to be around 5 years old. But that wasn’t what made Feng Tian feel strange, instead, it was the doctor whom the girl was begging.

White robes, wooden glasses, purple robes, and that beard, that same weird beard he had seen today. It was the same weird old man he had seen in the forest a few hours ago. Instead of a slingshot, the old man was now holding a book in his hand as he looked at the young girl crying before him.

Looking at the crying girl and the adorable boy trying to hold back his tears, Du Xiaowei felt pity for them. He wanted to help them as well but what could he do, there mother’s illness was beyond him. He was just a mere mortal, after all, there were limits to what he could do.

The girl before him had come to him around a year ago for her mother’s treatment. In the beginning, he could still use some medicine to suppress her illness from flaring up, but for the last two months, her condition had gotten worse. No medicine worked and she fell into a comma, not waking up till now.

He had inspected her condition using his Spiritual Energy and what he saw had horrified him. The woman’s Meridian Channel had been torn apart, veins were a jumbled mess, her heart was barely working and had a lot of injuries, while her Dantian was smashed to smithereens.

Du Xiaowei had never seen a case like this. He could tell that the woman’s injuries weren’t new and she had been suppressing them for years now and finally lost the battle. There was no way to save her. Just thinking about how she could have survived all these years gave him shivers.

The girl was crying as her expression was filled with despair and sorrow while her eyes had turned lifeless…

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