TPT V1C1 – The Man In the Forest

Covered in mud and dust, the man sat in the middle of a forest. All around him, little animals were staring at him with great curiosity, looking at this man who just fell from the sky and smashed into the ground. A few feet away from the man was a deep pit a few meters wide that the man had walked out from.

As the man raised his head and looked around, the animals immediately hopped and ran away. The man then stood up from the ground and patted away the dust on his simple white robes. With a tall figure, shoulder-length dark hair, and skin as pale as snow, the man could be considered quite good looking. What set him apart from the others would probably be his eyes, abyssal-dark eyes that could entrap anyone who looked into them.

After he had patted away the dust, the robes turned as clean as new, leaving no sign that they were filthy just a moment ago. Once the man was done with his robes, he looked towards his left as a strange expression appeared on his face, followed by a smile. “Interesting,” he said and turned his face away, starting to look all around.

Once he had looked all over the place, the man closed his eyes as a strange energy wave engulfed his entire being. After a few minutes of being like that, the man opened his eyes with no change in his expression, “Sky Sovereign? It’s not that bad considering that I survived the disaster. Well, I won’t have to restart from scratch, at least. That would have been troublesome.” Once the man had inspected his body thoroughly and found nothing wrong with it, he withdrew the peculiar energy.

He looked towards the sky and sighed softly, [It seems I am in a Mortal Realm. The natural energies are too low-leveled and the concentration of Heavenly Energy here is too low, it’s negligible. Even if I devoured all the Natural Energies in this meager world, it wouldn’t be enough to raise my Cultivation by a single minor realm.]

[With my Cultivation, I should be invincible in this realm, just like everywhere else.] Sighing again, the man breathed in the fresh air, [I should find a human settlement and get some information about this world. ]


Nearby a river bank, a young man appeared to be savoring fish without a care in the world. Basked under the warmth of the sun and being in the cool breeze coming from the woods nearby, the man appeared relaxed and carefree.

Though there were no condiments nor any flavor to the bland fish, the man didn’t mind it at all and simply ate the fish. The rustling of the wind, the sound of the flowing water, and the crackling of fire mixed with the chirping of birds and low roars and snarls of different animals made for a beautiful symphony that could relax anyone’s heart.

As the man was enjoying himself, there was some disturbance in the woods that was thoroughly ignored by him. A few moments later, a deer ran out of the woods just a few dozen meters away from him. Followed by the appearance of the deer was the sound of footsteps. The deer’s ears perked up as it immediately hopped away into the river and then across it.

An old man with a weird beard, purple robes, wooden glasses, and a slingshot in his hands walked out from the woods, disturbing the natural melody. The weird old man looked around and when his vision fell on the deer that had escaped to the other side of the river, he could only sigh and give up.

With his head and arms hung low from dispiritedness, the weird old man looked towards the man who was carefreely eating fish. <<Rumble~>> the sound of rumbling came from the old man’s stomach as his eyes shone and mouth started to water.

[What a weird old man…] the man thought, [No matter how hungry one is, making such an appearance doesn’t seem to be… right. How long had this guy been starving for? And what kind of old man hunts a deer with a slingshot?] Though he had all these thoughts, the man’s expression didn’t change nor did he raise his head to look at the old man.

“Haha, young man, this old man is Du…” before the old man could finish his words, the young man cut him off as he said, “Old man, if you want to eat fish you better catch your own!” stunning the weird old man as his expression turned sad, “… but you should at least listen to me, right? I am Du…”

“I am not interested in listening to you. You better catch fish for yourself,” the young man again cut him off and continued eating the fish after he finished his words. “Young man, you aren’t a good one now, are you? Humph, the moment I tell you my identity, you will know how great I, Du…”

“I don’t care how great or how Du you are. Now, you better leave and don’t disturb me again, or else…” the man finally raised his head this time and stared at the old man. The old man felt as if a lion was going to attack him, making his entire body shiver. Without saying anything again, the old man turned around and walked back into the woods.

As he had walked a distance, the old man started to pull on his weird beard as he mumbled to himself, “Humph, bastard brat. Humph, humph, humph. This old man is Du Xiaowei, the greatest doctor in all the Mortal Kingdoms, humph. Just because you have a bit higher Cultivation, you dare scare this old man, humph!!”

“Just you wait…” <<Rumble~>> Just as the old man was grounding his teeth in anger and planning how to get revenge, his empty stomach again rumbled with hunger. The old man could only hold his stomach as he stomached the grudge and walked faster.

———– Back at the river.

The young man finished all the fish and walked towards the river, washing his face in the clear stream. As he saw his reflection in the river, the man sighed with an expression on his face that said he didn’t know the one he was looking at. It was so familiar yet unfamiliar.

He sighed and started to walk along the river in search of some human settlement. Though he could have asked that old man, that old man appeared to be the kind that would cling to you and annoy you until death, so it was better not to ask him at all. The man didn’t want to be involved with characters like these – they were too troublesome.

As the man walked along the river, he started to hum along with the melody that had returned as a peaceful smile appeared on his face.

Random Stuff from the Author

The old man started to pull on his weird beard that appeared like it had never been cleared, as he leered, at the animals that were soon going to get teared, but that’s how it appeared, as he might just want them to be seared, just like his f**ked up… beard. << NOT FOR STEAL!

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Authors Thoughts

Finally, the original <<The Primordial Throne>> written by the one and only Ahmad Shahzad is back from the Hiatsu. Now, I know a lot of people wanna kill me, but I promise there won’t be any Hiatsu in the future, you can count on me for that. Also, The Celestial Law isn’t dropped, it will also continue. And also, both <<The Primordial Throne>> and <<The Celestial Law>> are in the same Universe on the same Planet and the same timeline. A lot of stuff will start making sense as the two stories continue.

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