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Though Ding Wenfeng was one of the strongest in the Kingdom and had roamed around the world when young, even he had reverence filling his eyes when he described the world.

From Ding Wenfeng’s words, Feng Tian came to know that he was on a continent called the Holy Light Continent. About 1 million years ago, the continent was under the rule of the Demonic Beasts. Majority of the human population and other races lived in the wilderness, at the mercy of these beasts.

During those times, from the sky, a Saint fell. The Saint taught people how to cultivate and led them to a conquest against the Demonic Beasts. After a crusade that went on for 5 thousand years, a majority of Demonic Beasts, including their leaders, were killed. The ones that survived were forced to escape to dangerous places, away from the world.

In that war, many brave warriors of the various races fell. Even the Saint, who started this crusade, could not survive this vicious battle. Most of the inheritance left behind by that Saint was either lost or destroyed. Later, the survivors established a Kingdom under the rule of the strongest warrior.

The Kingdom was named the Holy Saint Kingdom, and the continent was, from then on, called the Holy Light Continent. As the population of the various races expanded, the lands of the Kingdom also spread. Slowly, more and more Kingdoms were built, ruled by the now Holy Saint Empire. The newer Kingdoms were to keep the order of the world, and spread knowledge everywhere.

Over the million years, the Holy Saint Empire saw a change in Dynasties many times. But the longest ruling dynasty was the current ruling dynasty, the Liang Dynasty. They have stood for an entire half million years.

The Kingdoms ruled by Holy Saint Empire split into Mortal and Martial Kingdoms. Neither allowed interfering with each other. The Mortal Kingdoms occupied places with very thin Natural Energies. Martial Kingdoms, on the other hand, occupied Natural-Energy filled lands.

The various Kingdoms were ranked accordingly.

The Exalted Empire.

The Tier-1 Martial Kingdom.

The Tier-2 Martial Kingdom.

The Tier-3 Martial Kingdom.

The High-Ranked Mortal Kingdom.

The Mid-Ranked Mortal Kingdom.

The Low-Ranked Mortal Kingdom.

The Holy Saint Empire had 30 Tier-1 Martial Kingdoms, 300 Tier-2 Martial Kingdoms, 1200 Tier-3 Martial Kingdoms, 60 High-Ranked Mortal Kingdoms, 180 Mid-Ranked Mortal Kingdoms, and 540 Low-Ranked Mortal Kingdoms. The continent was far too massive for any ordinary person to comprehend.

The highest cultivation levels in the various Kingdoms were as follows.

Mortal God in a Tier-1 Kingdom.

Mortal Emperor in a Tier-2 Kingdom.

Mortal King in a Tier-3 Kingdom.

Mortal Lord in the High-Ranked Mortal Kingdom.

Mortal Ascendant in the Mid-Ranked Mortal Kingdom.

True Spirit Integration Stage in the Low-Ranked Mortal Kingdom.

The Mortal Kingdoms had an affiliation with the tiered Martial Kingdom. Every fifty years, these tiered Martial Kingdoms sent someone to look over the Mortal Kingdoms. These Cultivators remained in seclusion all-year-round and only came out when some other Cultivator caused trouble in the Mortal World.

The Mortal Kingdoms will fight wars with each other for territory and other disputes, but these guardians never intervened in these matters. These Cultivators never interfered even when a Kingdom fell. As for the Martial Kingdoms, they had Cultivators everywhere in the major cities.

Some of them had multiple old Martial Families that fought for supremacy over the Kingdoms. The wars fought between these Martial Kingdoms were far more gruesome and savage. It was extremely cruel. As Feng Tian listened to all this, he had no change in expression. Ding Wenfeng, who was describing all this looked towards him and thought.

‘Did this Sir get stunned by the sheer scale of the Empire. Well, it is as expected. Even I can’t wrap my head around all this information.’ “Sir, did you understand this all? Are there any more questions that you would like to ask?” Asked Ding Wenfeng.

“Yeah. What are the Cultivation Levels in the Empire? And what about Alchemy and other jobs related to Cultivation?” Replied Feng Tian. The more information he had, the better it was.

“The Empire has Cultivators in the legendary Human Ascension and Human Lord Realms. As for Alchemy and other Cultivation related jobs, only the Empire and the Tiered Kingdoms have these, managed by the Heavenly Pavilion of the Holy Saint Imperial Family.”

Ding Wenfeng once again explained to him. When he talked about the Human Ascendants and Human Lords, his eyes gleamed with admiration, but soon the expression in his eyes dimmed. It was Human Ascendants and Human Lords. They were the true legends. It was impossible for him to reach that level.

Ding Wenfeng sighed with emotions filling his heart. But then, he suddenly remembered the man sitting before him. Ding Wenfeng had been in the Presence of a Mortal Emperor before, and though there was some pressure on him due to the difference in Cultivation, it wasn’t to the level where he couldn’t bear.

He remembered the aura he felt yesterday from this man. His heart sunk into an abyss of cold. In his heart, Ding Wenfeng concluded that the man must be at least a Human Ascendant, a legendary being. He felt alarmed. It was impossible for lowly people like him to ever come into contact with Mortal Gods, let alone Human Ascendants. And now, one was sitting before him.

Ding Wenfeng felt both excited and scared. A Human Ascendant could destroy their entire Kingdom without needing a reason. No one, not even the Empire will ever question why they did it. They were the true Masters in the world, after all, according to rumors, there were only 7 Human Lords in the Exalted Empire, and they never interfered in the matters of the Juniors (Human Ascendants and Below).

Ding Wenfeng’s excitement and fear didn’t go unnoticed by Feng Tian’s eyes. He knew what the old man was thinking but didn’t explain. They were just Human Lords at most, not even Saints. He could destroy millions of them with a raise of his foot.

‘Hmm, a Mortal World, and a low-leveled one at that. My Cultivation fell to the Sky God Realm, and I will need a decade to recover from my injuries. If I want to return from where I came, I need to be in the Immortal Transformation Realm before I can use spatial jumps. A Sky God can’t go too far through space after all. I will let nature take its course and stay down here for the time being.’

“Alright, that’s all I need to know. You can leave now. I will bring the children to play outside tomorrow. Also, I will only be staying here for a few more days. I will leave for the Empire later. Also, prepare some food for me, I need to eat,” Feng Tian said to Ding Wenfeng as if commanding his servant. Ding Wenfeng didn’t feel wronged or resetful though. He stood up and walked outside, leaving the room respectfully.

Feng Tian sat on the sofa with his eyes closed. Half an hour later, Ding Wenfeng arrived again and knocked on the door. Behind him were some servants with trays filled with delicious food. “Enter!” Feng Tian’s voice drifted from inside the room. Ding Wenfeng opened the door and presented the food before Feng Tian as if bringing food to the Emperor.

Feng Tian finished a few dishes and then sent them away. He left the Manor and went out on a stroll. He simply strolled around without any purpose, with a slight smile, and a carefree mood. He returned to the Manor in the evening when he had gotten bored of strolling around. There wasn’t anything interesting here.

He wanted to return to the place he came from, but he knew it wasn’t yet possible. It was going to be hard to recover to his peak condition in a world like this. The next day, Feng Tian brought the children over to the Children’s Theatre. Though he had killed people yesterday, it hadn’t affected the business of the Theatre at all. Today, the guard was different though.

Just like yesterday, Feng Tian held the three children. ChueChue sat on his shoulders while the two boys were in his arms. But this time, they weren’t alone. Their parents were also present with them, followed by Ding Wenfeng.