TPT 5 – Failed Assassination!

As the black-clothed men stood frozen on their spots, their hearts sunk and fear overtook their souls. They knew they messed up big time. In their hearts, all of them were cursing Feng Tian, ‘Dammit! How were we to know you are a powerhouse. It’s not our fault we can’t see through your Cultivation, motherfcker!’

As they were having these thoughts, they saw the little girl reach her hand towards the dagger. Looking towards her action, their hearts filled with joy. So what if they failed, there was still a chance to make a comeback. As long as the girl touched it, she will immediately get poisoned, and the poison wasn’t ordinary either. It was the poison they got from a higher ranked Kingdom.

Flame Chamelion’s Poison. It could even kill a Mortal Ascendant, let alone a little girl. As for its antidote, only these black-clothed men had it on them. If Feng Tian wanted it, he must get it from them or go to the higher ranked Kingdom to get it. They were feeling smug in their hearts, forgetting the fact they were only fish on a chopping block without any ability to resist.

Just when the little girl’s hand was about to touch the dagger, the dagger turned to dust, disappearing into the wind. “Big brother, where did the knife go?” the little girl asked. “Oh, it was a bad knife, so I sent it away! ChueChue doesn’t need to think about it,” Feng Tian said as he held her little hand. “Mmm. ChueChue understands!” the little girl enthusiastically replied.

The three children were looking towards the black-clothed men with curiosity in their eyes. They didn’t know what use the dagger was, nor did they know the men were enemies here to abduct them. Instead, the three of them were curious as to why the men were standing on their spots in weird poses.

The Theatre’s guard had already been stunned by what happened. He was just one person. It was impossible for him to contend against so many people. And looking towards them, all of them appeared to be stronger than himself, so he just stood behind Feng Tian with his body shivering. If seen from afar, the guy looked like a big, brawny bear. Only when one saw him from up close would they know how much of a scaredy cat he was when real trouble arrived.

When talking to Feng Tian before, he tried to act like a soldier who wouldn’t back out no matter what. But the moment those black-clothed men attacked, he was the first one to hide behind Feng Tian with a pose as if he was going to confront the enemies with his life on the line.

Feng Tian didn’t pay attention to the black-clothed men anymore and turned towards the children, “Let’s go back, we will return tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will play outside for the entire day,” he said with a faint smile. “Yay! Big brother is the best!” the three little koalas cheered as the hugged Feng Tian harder.

Walking away from the Theatre, Feng Tian again went to the alley he came from and disappeared. The next moment, he appeared outside the business street. As for the black-clothed men, the moment Feng Tian disappeared in the alley; they fell on their spots, dead. Looking at the 15 men lying on the ground, the guard felt horrified. His legs went soft as he fell to the ground, shivering fiercely.

As for Feng Tian, he still held the children and returned to the City Lord’s Manor. When they arrived before the manor’s gate, the City Lord was looking all around anxiously. Guards kept on coming to him, reporting, and then leaving again. Behind the City Lord, two couples stood, anxiousness covering their faces. As soon as the City Lord and the others saw Feng Tian and the children, they immediately rushed towards him.

Replacing their anxiousness was joy and calm. The City Lord heaved a sigh of relief. When he couldn’t find Feng Tian and the children, he had felt his heart fall into an icy cavern. “Sir, I apologize. The children are young and curious, troubling you again. I hope you won’t take offense,” Ding Wenfeng said to Feng Tian. He didn’t want the man to get annoyed. Right now, the only thing on his mind was if there were people who looked for trouble.

The two couples, on the other hand, immediately rushed towards the children. They took the two boys from Feng Tian’s hands and put them on the ground. The two women were Xiao Ruoyun and Ling Yu’er. The two men were Ding Chang and Xiao Cheng, their respective husbands. Xiao Ruoyun was Old Xiao’s daughter who married Ding Wenfeng’s son, Ding Chang. Xiao Cheng was Old Xiao’s son who married Ling Yu’er, the eldest princess of the Kingdom.

In the Kingdom, Old Xiao’s status was not lesser than Ding Wenfeng, but Old Xiao never left Ding Wenfeng’s side. He always served as his steward even when his daughter married Ding Wenfeng’s son. Ding Wenfeng had once asked him why he remained like this? To this, Old Xiao replied,

“My Lord, when I and my mother were starving on the streets of Warrior City, it was you who gave us food and took us in. Even though we were mere servants, you treated us like you did other people. My Lord, though my mother is not in this world anymore, I still remember her last words,”

‘Son, remember mother’s words. In this life, we are the servants of the Ding Family. In our deaths, we will stay the ghosts of the Ding Family. The grace they provided us… Son, you must never forget what the master did for us, always stay loyal to him!’ that’s what Old Xiao’s mother had told him in her final moments.

By the time Old Xiao stopped speaking, tears were flowing down Ding Wenfeng’s cheeks as he hugged Old Xiao. He swore to never let Old Xiao down.

As the couples took their children, Feng Tian got to have a clear look at them. The two women were gorgeous, while the two men handsome; akin to a match made in Heaven. The four of them greeted Feng Tian with a slight bow. After all, even their father called him ‘Sir’ with so much respect. It would be foolish if they tried to overreach themselves. And Ding Wenfeng had already exhorted them not to talk too much before him, lest he gets annoyed.

After the two boys were on their parent’s side, Ling Yu’er tried to get ChueChue from Feng Tian’s shoulders. But no matter what she or her husband tried, the little girl just wouldn’t budge from her place, “ChueChue won’t go with mommy and daddy! ChueChue wants to play with big brother!” the little girl said while puffing out her cheeks.

“ChueChue, listen to daddy, come here. You can’t disturb big brother. Your big brother has important matters to deal with.” Xiao Cheng said to his daughter, reaching his hands towards her. “No!” she said, trying to get away from her father’s hands.

Feng Tian felt good with her reaction. But still, he indeed needed to talk to Ding Wenfeng about the situation of this world, so he couldn’t play with her anymore. Lightly picking her from his shoulders, he said to her, “Okay, go to your parents for now. I will bring you to play outside tomorrow.” Listening to his words, the girl didn’t appear too happy, but she still went to her mother’s embrace.

“Old man, let’s go, we need to talk,” Feng Tian said to Ding Wenfeng as he walked back into the Manor. Looking at his expressionless face and remembering the smile he had when the children were with him, they all started to question who the real him was. Ding Wenfeng didn’t say anything to the children and walked after Feng Tian. He could tell the man liked children, so there wasn’t any need to be worried about them.

He also felt reassured about not only the children’s safety but also his Kingdom’s safety. From Feng Tian’s action, he could tell that Feng Tian wasn’t an enemy nor would he cause a disaster without reason. He now firmly believed Feng Tian was a reasonable man who could be talked to normally.

Feng Tian and Ding Wenfeng arrived before the guest room. Feng Tian stepped in and sat on the sofa leisurely. Ding Wenfeng followed after him but didn’t sit anywhere, instead, he stood beside him like an assistant. “Sit,” Feng Tian said to him. Listening to his words, Ding Wenfeng sat on a chair, “Thank you, Sir!”

“You haven’t told me about the situation in this world yet! Explain it all to me. Remember, don’t miss anything!” Feng Tian said to him as he looked towards Ding Wenfeng gravely. Ding Wenfeng didn’t dare hesitate and started to speak immediately. He didn’t leave out a single detail and explained everything to Feng Tian.