TPT 4 – Children’s Theatre

“Let us in! Let us in!”

“Young Master, I can’t allow that. Please understand, the City Lord has forbidden anyone from entering.”

“Boo! Let us in. Grandpa won’t be angry.”

“ChueChue wants to go as well! ChueChue wants to see the big brother as well!”

“Ah, Princess, that is not allowed. Please play somewhere else.”

“Nooo! ChueChue wants to play with that big brother!”

“Guard uncle, let us enter. Please!”

As Feng Tian opened the door, he could see the three children from yesterday. The three were pestering the guard to let them inside the room. The poor guard could only tell them to play somewhere else. He couldn’t do anything more than that. After all, the guest was great, so were the little children.

As Feng Tian looked towards the three little children, a slight smile appeared on his face. Although Ding Wenfeng thought of him as someone unreasonable, he wasn’t someone who would go out and kill people for no reason. “Little brats, what do you want, eh? Are you trying to annoy me?”

As soon as the children saw him, they didn’t care about his words and immediately ran towards him. The two boys clung to his legs, while the bright-eyed, active little doll started to climb up his back. The poor guard was sweating, while Feng Tian felt the children were like Koalas, especially the little girl.

“Big brother, come to play with ChueChue and big brothers,” the little girl said with a wide grin. Feng Tian was sure he had no attraction towards the children. He didn’t even give them candy, yet the three clung to him for no reason. It was inexplicable. He couldn’t understand. Were children supposed to be this curious? He was sure they weren’t!

“What do you little brats want to play?” Feng Tian asked as he picked the climbing Koala from his back and pinched her cheeks, “Outside! Big brother, ChueChue wants to go outside,” said the little girl as she waved her hands and smiled, as radiant as the sun, ‘I should adopt her,’ Feng Tian thought. “What about you two brats?” he asked the two little boys clinging to each of his legs.

“Outside!” the two boys replied at the same time. Hearing their response, Feng Tian’s corner of mouth twitched, ‘Have these brats never been outside?’ “Oye, does that old man Ding not bring his grandchildren outside?” Feng Tian asked the guard. The guard got stunned, but then immediately saluted like a soldier and said,

“Sir, yes sir, reporting! Because the Kingdom’s have been at war, the Young Masters and little Princess aren’t allowed to leave the Manor at any time! Sir.” The guard felt scared, while his back was cold with sweat. He never thought the man would ask him questions.

“Hmm. Well, whatever. Let’s go outside to play,” Feng Tian said to the three children, then he turned to the guard and said, “Tell that old man I brought the children outside to play,” saying that, Feng Tian held the little and walked away. The little boys followed behind him. All three children had a bright, wide grin on their faces.

Before today, whenever they went outside, they had to stay inside the carriage and sit beside their grandfather. Grandfather never brought them to roam around the city or anywhere. They could only go to the homes of some officials or the Imperial Palace. When the children saw their grandfather treating the man so well, they felt they met their savior.

Leaving the Manor, the children were very excited. It was the first time they wouldn’t need to sit in a carriage. Feng Tian was different though. The moment they left the Manor, he felt a lot of movements in the shadows. He could feel thick bloodlust surging towards them. Many eyes focused on him and the three children.

Feeling all the changes around him, Feng Tian had contempt in his eyes, ‘Did these ants think they can get near the children with me here? Asking for their deaths, fools!’ He didn’t care about them. To him, they were nothing more than ants he could stomp at any moment.

“Big brother, bring us to the Children’s Theatre!” Ding Wenfeng’s grandson said.

“Yes, yes! Bring us there!” The other boy nodded in agreement.

“ChueChue wants to go there too!” The little girl said as she clung to Feng Tian’s neck and hopped in his arms.

“Children’s Theatre? Where’s that?” Feng Tian asked. On his way here yesterday, Ding Wenfeng hadn’t introduced him to a place like that. From their excited appearance, he could tell they…,

“We don’t know!” The three replied at the same time. ‘As expected,’ he thought. “Oh, we will ask someone then. First, tell me your names one-by-one,” he asked the three. He only knew the little girl’s name, ChueChue, and didn’t know about the two boys.

“I am Ding Xun!”

“I am Xiao Chu Ye!”

“ChueChue is Xiao Chu Yue!”

The first two were normal, but what did she mean by ‘Xiao Chu Yue’ and ‘ChueChue.’ Who even shortened her name like that? “YueYue!” Feng Tian called her. “No, ChueChue is ChueChue, not YueYue! Boo!” The little girl said while pouting her mouth.

“ChueChue it is then!” Feng Tian acquiesced. The girl rooted that name in her brain. There wasn’t any reason to make her unhappy. Though Feng Tian was a ruthless man, he had a soft spot for children in his heart. Only for children though. Due to his past, he believed children must get treated with love and care, lest they turn into monsters.

Walking a bit more, he stopped a pedestrian and asked about the Children’s Theatre. According to the pedestrian, the Children’s Theatre was in the heart of the business street. After finding where the Children’s Theatre was, the four of them walked there. After half an hour, the three were before the bustling business street.

As people looked towards Feng Tian, they had smiles on their face. Many were also whispering about the way he looked. It wasn’t his appearance that was strange, but the Koalas clung to him. The two boys got tired after walking for around 10-minutes. Feng Tian had to pick them up, while the little girl climbed onto his shoulders without him needing to say anything.

That’s why they were able to reach the business street so soon. Else, with the speed the children walked, it would have taken them more than an hour to get there. Looking towards the crowd drowning the street, it was clear that reaching the Theatre wouldn’t be easy, for ordinary people that is.

Feng Tian looked towards the front. Though the others could only see the sea of people, he could see past them. The Children’s Theatre appeared in his vision. It was a luxurious building carved from Grey Wood. Though they called it grey, it wasn’t grey at all. The color was dark brown with a glossy sheen. Certainly not some random wood!

As soon as Feng Tian walked into the crowd of people, those who were following him lost all tracks of him. They couldn’t understand what happened. All they saw was the ordinary man walk into the crowd, and then, the four of them vanished as if they were never there.

Those people started to rush into the crowds and look for Feng Tian and the three children. Today was their best chance to kidnap the children. As long as their side had the children in their hands, the Warrior City will fall without a doubt. Everyone knew Ding Wenfeng would rather give up on the war than to let any harm come to his grandchildren.

Even the King of Golden Sun Kingdom knew about his weakness, but the King had no choice other than Ding Wenfeng. He needed someone to guard the Warrior City, it was one of the most important cities in the Golden Sun Kingdom.

The King himself had decreed to not allow the children to leave the Manor nor Ding Wenfeng’s side. But today, the three of them were outside with an ordinary man; it was their greatest chance to win the war. As for thinking the man had high Cultivation, none of them had that thought. No matter how strong the man; he would, at most, be a Mortal Ascension Realm Warrior. They had seven Mortal Ascendants on their side.

As for Feng Tian, and the three children, they appeared from a dark alley close to the Children’s Theatre. The children couldn’t understand how they arrived inside the alley, but they didn’t care either way. The moment they saw the luxurious Theatre, all of them started to hop and cheer in excitement.

Looking at their excited expressions, Feng Tian simply smiled and walked over to the Theatre. “Sir, please stop!” as they arrived before the Theatre, a guard stopped them. “What?” Feng Tian asked. “Sir, as it is the 10th of the month today, the Theatre isn’t giving any performance.”

“What does the performance have to do with the 10th of the month?” Feng Tian asked while the three children were pouting, but didn’t say anything. They had learned that children must not interfere when their Elders spoke. “Sir…, the owner of the Theatre visits his family in the nearby city on every 10th of the month, so there isn’t any performance.”

The guard spoke. He could see the man wasn’t ordinary. Not only was he himself dressed well, even the Children dressed luxuriously. He was apprehensive, but not scared. He wasn’t telling a lie. Everything was the truth, “Sir, you can return tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Theatre will be putting on a special performance. Your children will certainly love the performance.”

“Oh, well. Let’s go, we will return tomorrow,” Feng Tian said to the three. He didn’t explain his relationship with them to the guard. Let him think whatever he wanted. The three children pouted and nodded. Feng Tian turned around to go back.

At the moment Feng Tian turned around, everyone heard the sound of air being ripped. The next instant, a sharp dagger stabbed towards his face. The guard standing outside froze but immediately ran towards Feng Tian. A group of 15 people covered in black clothes appeared from all around and surrounded the three.

The black-clothed men had expected blood everywhere, but the scene before them stunned them. After being stunned for half a day, the men finally reacted. Before them, the dagger stood suspended before Feng Tian’s face. Looking at the scene, the black-clothed men wanted to rush towards him, but they couldn’t move no matter what!

They stood frozen on their spots. “You people aren’t patient enough, nor are you smart enough,” Feng Tian said as he looked over the men.

<<Author Note: Mortal Ascendants are Mortal Ascension Realm Warriors. It is a way to shorten how it is said. The two aren’t different.>>