TPT 11 – Foolish

As Feng Tian floated in the air, the tribulation finally gathered. It was soon time for it to descend and test the Lord of these Demonic Beasts. Whether he survived or died, it all depended on his will now. Feng Tian watched with interest, while everyone else stared with bated breaths.

All the Demonic Beasts prayed as the first bolt of lightning descended from the Heavens above. As thick as a man’s arm, the tribulation smashed onto the island in the middle of the lake, coursing through the entire island, it pinpointed and struck in the heart of the island where the Lord of these Demonic Beasts was in seclusion.

There was no response or sound from inside the island. After the first tribulation ended, another one descended. The lightning this time was twice as thick as the one before. The energy stored in it was also purer and at least thrice as much as before. Again, it coursed through the entire island and smashed into its heart, testing the Demonic Beast Lord ones more.


And Again……

And Again……


The tribulation kept on descending, twice thicker and thrice stronger than before. It was the way it worked. By the time it was the eighth lightning descending, it was already on the same level as a full-blown attack from an early Saint Transformation Realm Warrior! This time, there was also a very deep groan that could be heard from the depths of the island. The Demonic Beast Lord suffered some injuries this time, making his condition a lot worse when it was time for the final tribulations descent.

In the skies above, all the dark clouds, thunder, and lightning converged into a dark purple Dragon. It was the final Tribulation that needed to be passed. Once the Dragon formed, there was no longer any sound in the world. All the Beasts knew it was the final step. If their lord could tide through this final Tribulation, their rise to prominence won’t be too far away! Once that happened… Just the thought of it all excited all these Beasts.

Finally, the Dragon flew all over the sky and then quietly descended from to the island, coursing all over it, and then smashing into the heart of the island. A loud groan followed by a deep shriek could be heard. The Demonic Beasts were flooded with sweat while all of them prayed for their mighty Lords survival, as well as the blessings of Heaven!

The shrieks and yells got louder and louder as the pain increased with every second. The only one who was familiar with the condition of the Demonic Beast Lord at this moment was none other than Feng Tian. Feng Tian could perceive the changes happening inside his body through his eyes that had turned as dark as the abyss, staring towards the heart of the island, peering through all its secrets. There wasn’t anything hidden from his vision.

After he had looked for a few seconds, Feng Tian blinked and his eyes returned to normal. His robes were fluttering in the wind, and his hair swayed. His handsome features were even more attractive with the smile on his face. He knew the Demonic Beast Lord had crossed his Tribulation successfully, though barely. After a few moments, all the purple lightning disappeared. All that was left was the same calm lake, island, and forest.

All Demonic Beasts held their breaths, waiting for the final conclusion, praying for their fate. A few minutes later, a mighty roar sounded from the depths of the island, sending chills down every Demonic Beasts heart, making them all fall to the ground. Not even the woman or the two variant Dragons were spared as they smashed to the ground.


As soon as Feng Tian said the word, a massive blood-red ray of energy swallowed him whole, as a voice came from the depths of the island, “Those who dare enter the territory of this Lord will all be punished with death!” Following after the voice was a massive Dragon with its wings spanning over a 100 meters, dark-grey scales, and purple rubies for its eyes, “If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for trespassing where you don’t belong! This terr~itory…”

Before the Demonic Beast Lords words fell, a pressure akin to a mountain descended, smashing the flying Dragon down to the ground. His seven orifices bled as his scales cracked. The mighty Dragon had been turned to a weak snake in an instant, beaten by a stick!

“I wasn’t going to use so much force, but your bullshit is too annoying. Remember, you are just a little snake and nothing more. Killing you is as easy as beating a snake to death. No, it’s even easier. It’s the same as stomping an ant to death,” a cold voice akin to the herald of the Death God sounded.

All Demonic Beasts were horrified to find a man floating above in the distance. None of them, not even that early Human God Realm woman had noticed his presence. Yet the man was there, and it wasn’t an illusion, nor was the condition of their Lord an illusion. Their Lord had just stepped into that legendary realm, yet he was in such a condition when the man hadn’t even moved a bit, nor did they saw any attack hit their Lord.

All of them had fear in their hearts as their bodies shivered uncontrollably. The words where he referred to their Lord as an ant, though it was an insult to their Lord and all of them, none of them thought it was going overboard. The man just smashed their strongest without even doing anything. Wasn’t it a testament to the man’s invincible might and strength.

The beaten snake stood up with all his might. Staggering a bit forward, he asked in a voice filled with fear, “Who~Who are you? The outside world shouldn’t have anyone as strong as you! If you are here to wage war on us, then human, though I might be weak, I will certainly not allow you to do as you please! I will fight you to death for the sake of us Demonic Beasts future!”

“Fight me to death?” As Feng Tian said those words, all the Demonic Beasts that had just stood up together with the Demonic Beast Lord, again fell to the ground, “You? How? All of you are just fish on a chopping block. Nothing more, nothing less. If I want to kill you all, it won’t even take any effort on my side. I can kill you all, no, I can obliterate this entire forest with just a thought, yet you claim you will fight me to death. You are foolish, indeed!”

As they heard his words, despair overtook all the Demonic Beasts. All of them were at least in the Human Lord and above Realms and could easily understand the situation they were in. Especially their Demonic Beast Lord, he was the one most clear about the situation right now. What the man said was indeed true! If he wanted, it would only need a thought from him to kill the entire forest and send them all to oblivion.

Before that man’s absolute might, he and his subjects were nothing. And here they were, thinking about conquering the world when they couldn’t even take a single blow from the man. He regretted, regretted being arrogant and attacking the man the moment he crossed his tribulation. Just like the other Demonic Beasts, he too hadn’t noticed the existence of the man in the skies.

It was only when he crossed the tribulation, and his senses were heightened temporarily, making him a lot more sensitive, did he realize there was a foreign existence in the vicinity. As he had just stepped into the legendary realm, he was far too excited and wanted to show his might before his subjects and gain even more of their respect and reverence that he attacked the man.

After killing the man, he was going to give a speech regarding his strength and how he would lead them all to rule the world and take back all that was lost by their ancestors. But who would have thought that he picked up a brick yet the wall smashed into his head! The poor Demonic Beast Lord, he wanted to cry yet had no tears, he wanted to smile yet his mouth wouldn’t budge. His condition was like a dead serpent’s, and his regret was enough to even drown the forest.

The poor Dragon felt the Heavens had cheated him. Not only did he have to go through the tribulation, he even had to be beaten by a devil in human skin. Devil, that’s how the man before him appeared. The Demonic Lord asked himself, ‘Just what sin had I committed in my past life?’

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