Suggest Improvements!

Hello, everyone!

This page is to let you know what will be in the new site that is under construction.

  1. A much cleaner interface.
  2. Dark Mode (I know a lot of you want that)
  3. Font-size Change and Font Style
  4. Ads that are cleaner and better and lesser
  5. A Premium No-Ad version (Considering that we have Patrons but don’t have this, it makes a lot of stuff annoying)
  6. A Discord Server (Yay!! It will have special rewards for everyone. EVERYONE!!)
  7. A better-organized RSS feed
  8. As a perk, there will be a music widget on it as well. Play some music as you read the chapter.
  9. Infinite Chapter Scroll. You will no longer need to click the Next Chapter button.
  10. Hmm……For now, these are all.
  11. Recommend something if you have a good idea that might make Readers reading experience more convenient.

The Public Beta for the new site will be available before the end of the month!

If you have any recommendations, bug reports, or anything about the current site, leave that in the comment section or email me directly at Or DM me on Discord: AhmadShahzad#1776