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Dated: July 11, 2018

Note to all Patrons: After Pledging us on Patreon, please return to the site and Login using Patreon.

You can click,


or find the Login Option in the website Meta. The Meta can be found at the end of Right Sidebar.

The fact that you are here means that you are curious about what the Premium Chapters are?

Before I explain Premium Chapters, you must understand what Regular Chapters are.

Regular Chapters are chapters publicly released every week on the site. The Regular Chapters are issued for every novel according to their release schedule. You can understand the Release Schedule at the Release Schedule Page.

Now Premium Chapters,

Premium Chapters are Chapters issued ahead of the Regular Chapter Releases.

Example: If you Pledge 3$ to us on Patreon, you will have access to

10 Regular Chapters of VPAATP + 7 Premium Chapters of VPAATP every week.

4 Regular Chapters of TQBCT + 3 Premium Chapters of TQBCT every week.

Starting the date stated above, Ehmed Translations will issue Premium Chapters for their Patrons. If you want access to Premium Chapters,

Becoming our Patron!.