“I, Qin YanRan, will never like a person like you!” These words from Qin YanRan felt as if a sharp sword had been stabbed into Su Lin’s heart. Originally, Su Lin didn’t have any meaning like that. He was aware that with his current situation and background, he wasn’t worthy of someone like Qin YanRan. … Continue reading “TBQCT 10 – I LIKE YOU”

OA 8 – Swarm Of Ants

The beacon was suddenly lit up. Although the Daqing Village was already prepared for this, the moment the Township Militia saw the enemy, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. People! A massive and dense swarm of people! Numerous people from the nearby villages, regardless of who they were; young, old, … Continue reading “OA 8 – Swarm Of Ants”

VPAATP V4C159 – Three Minutes

“The only reason I want you to find someone is due to your prestige in the hotels. It’s a very simple thing for you to do, so why not? You find someone, I pay you money!” I said. “How much can you pay?” Curry stopped laughing and looked at me. “Name your price,” I didn’t … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C159 – Three Minutes”

VPAATP V4C158 – Gentlemen, We Need To Talk!

Since Yang Mei was traveling, it was very hard to pinpoint her whereabouts. I guessed that it will take quite some effort to do that! As it stood, the difficulty also increased since she didn’t have a fixed place of residence! Place of residence? She should also be living in a hotel just like me. … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C158 – Gentlemen, We Need To Talk!”

VPAATP V4C157 – That’s Her

“Yes. It’s like this, I hired a driver in the local area and I am going to give him a photo so he can help me pay attention and see if he can get any information!” I explained. “It turns out to be this. It is a good idea. Wait, I will immediately find it … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C157 – That’s Her”

VPAATP V4C156 – Mark’s Wonderful Help

After all, this wasn’t China, nor was this place inside the scope of my hidden forces. I can’t just send out official authorities to find someone! Perhaps I could put pressure on the local government using Shuguang and East Asia Motion’s influence, but that will still not guarantee that they will put their all in … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C156 – Mark’s Wonderful Help”

VPAATP V4C155 – Arriving In Venice

“Then what are we going to do! We can’t just sit back helplessly and do nothing, letting her leave us like this!” Liu Yue said somewhat anxiously, “You must do something and quickly find a solution!” “Hehe, don’t worry!” I smiled, “Let me slowly explain the matter to you first!” “You are smiling! Even when … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C155 – Arriving In Venice”

VPAATP V4C154 – Several Months Of Life

“What you said is also true!” I nodded and thought about it deeply. In my previous life, I had never taken the initiative to got to the hospital for my heart’s inspection! In the end, I died of a heart attack at Zhao YanYan’s wedding. Perhaps, I also had some heart disease in my previous … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C154 – Several Months Of Life”

VPAATP V4C153 – It’s Nothing

“I am not from any organization or agency, I just want to know the information personally,” I said while shaking my head. “That is impossible! The medical records are a secret so I cannot help you with anything!” Zhou Zhiping shook his head. “How about this?” I took out the 50,000 Yuan that I had … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C153 – It’s Nothing”

VPAATP V4C152 – Bribing

“Hello. Can I ask you to please help me look up in what patients name this receipt was registered?” I prepared to hand over the receipt to the person at the counter. “No, I can’t do that!” The staff person at the counter didn’t even raise their head to look at me, declining my request … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C152 – Bribing”

VPAATP V4C151 – Registration Receipt

Looking around, I found how good the room was. It was at the best spot for natural lighting. It was heated in the winter and the windows could be opened in the summer. It was apparent that Meng QingQing and Liu Yue had been taking care of Yang Mei, even specially arranging an office like … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C151 – Registration Receipt”

V4C150 – What Is Yang Mei Hiding?

Lu Haotao described the situation in detail, “Chief Liu, I rushed over to your girlfriend’s home right after hanging up the call! I am here right now and even after knocking the door for half a day, nobody opened from the inside. Moreover, I also had others look from outside the windows and not even … Continue reading “V4C150 – What Is Yang Mei Hiding?”