TQBCT 2 – School Flower Qin YanRan

Being yelled at by Lin Qingxue, Su Lin’s body trembled, and he halted on instinct. He knew Teacher Lin discovered him. However, Su Lin immediately calmed down. He thought the school bell just rang while he was already inside the school, so he shouldn’t be late. Therefore, he quite proudly turned around. But as soon … Continue reading “TQBCT 2 – School Flower Qin YanRan”

TQBCT 1 – The Time Suspended

“Not enough time! Not enough time…, Give way…, Give way….”   On the alley of Jian’an City market, Su Lin dashed about wildly. Shuttling back and forth in the middle of the crowd that could drown a person. The time was already 7:50 AM, and he had to attend a class in 10 minutes.   … Continue reading “TQBCT 1 – The Time Suspended”

OA 4 – Teammates

“Overgod Space Initialized! Please be prepared for Reincarnation.” In Wu Ming’s mind, the vast old-fashioned mechanical voice reverberated. After he heard it, darkness soon overtook his mind, and Wu Ming lost consciousness. Soon, Wu Ming felt a horrible feeling that came with a nightmare. He felt as if he no longer had any weight, his … Continue reading “OA 4 – Teammates”

Volume 3 – Chapter 174: The Unlucky Ding Wenfeng

The team that sent me off and the team that sent off Ding Wenfeng had a stark contrast between them. The only one who came to send off Ding Wenfeng was Wang Jin, Ding Wenfeng’s servant. But the ones to send me off were Zhao YanYan and all other girls, Chu Gao, Huang Wenjing, and … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 174: The Unlucky Ding Wenfeng”

Volume 3 – Chapter 173: The Hidden Villain

Chapter 5/5 There wasn’t any need to pay attention to the bill. Liu Yue was now our family member, and so, there wasn’t any need to pay the bill. To begin with, I was the one who gave her this car dealership as a gift as she had nothing else to do. When the manager … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 173: The Hidden Villain”

Volume 3 – Chapter 172: The Understanding YanYan

It’s a bit late, but here it is. Chapter 4/5 The next day, Meng QingQing came to New Century Office early in the morning. I asked the Manager of the Marketing Department to hand her over the PC retail business. He didn’t ask me why and just completed the process. He was the oldest in … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 172: The Understanding YanYan”

Volume 3 – Chapter 171: Yang Mei Part 2

You may ignore the TL Notes. Chapter 3/5 “Yes, you need a food-card. This cafeteria is not open to outsiders. Are you an employee in this building?” asked the Mala Tang Boss. “I am from the New Century Group. It’s my first time coming here…” I explained. “Then you can go to the Personnel Department … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 171: Yang Mei Part 2”

Volume 3 – Chapter 170: Yang Mei Part 1

“Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Just now, I heard everyone happily laughing happily from outside the door. You all were arguing about something. No need to be so rigid, be more open! That is also part of work!” As I saw none of them speak, I said so the mood could be lighter, “Everyone, you … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 170: Yang Mei Part 1”

Volume 3 – Chapter 169: Did My Touch Break You?

July 6, 2018. Chapter 1/5 Damn! No wonder. My phone number is only known to very few people. I was wondering how Meng QingQing got it. So it was that bar owner who sold me out. But what was this about the disk that she was rambling? “QingQing, can you tell me clearly, what is … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 169: Did My Touch Break You?”

Volume 3 – Chapter 168: I Want to Touch

“You think I don’t dare!” Although good men don’t fight with women, I just love the feeling of bickering with Meng QingQing. It felt just like little quibbles between lovers. “Humph. You can try it then. When the policeman asks you how you retrieved the disk, what are you going to tell them then?” Meng … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 168: I Want to Touch”

Volume 3 – Chapter 167: Meng QingQing’s Low Immunity

“So? I have heard that Director Liu and Chief Chu are University roommates. Obviously, their relationship will be good! What’s so strange about it?” The R&D Manager said. “Humph. I won’t bicker with a foolish nerd like you anymore! As far as I can understand, Director Liu’s status isn’t simple.” Yang Mei said while raising … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 167: Meng QingQing’s Low Immunity”

Volume 3 – Chapter 166: Commercial Espionage

Since New Century started its business with text recognition technology, speech recognition could be considered part of the same category. Although the development engine for both of them is different, they can be part of a single series. Everyone in the group agreed. Just when Chu Gao and I wanted to discuss it further, someone … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 166: Commercial Espionage”

Volume 3 – Chapter 165: Soaring Dragon Group’s Acquisition

“Mother-in-law, though I don’t approve the way you do most of the things, I still admire your spirit for the company!” I sincerely said, “If you need some help, then do tell me. No need to keep it to yourself.” “No, no, no. How could I? With this amount of money, I will be able … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 165: Soaring Dragon Group’s Acquisition”

Volume 3 – Chapter 164: The Untold Worries of Wu Xueping

If one wanted to see a person change their color like a chameleon, Wu Xueping would make for a great example. Wu Xueping, who was ridiculing me a moment ago, now turned into a chummy aunt next door. “Oh, of course, you can leave anytime. But why not sit here a bit longer? Oh, look … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 164: The Untold Worries of Wu Xueping”

Volume 3 – Chapter 163: Tit for Tat Part 2

“You!!!” Though Wu Xueping was a fairly calm woman, even she couldn’t stand my roguish words. Immediately, her face turned red with anger, as she said to me, “I really can’t comprehend how Xia Jing fell in love with a bastard like you!” “Yes, I am a bastard. And I will also let you know … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 163: Tit for Tat Part 2”

OA 3 – Crossing? Infinite?

TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD EDITOR: DRAGNEEL 3/3 chapters for this week. Next update on Sunday. TL: Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying Overgod Ascension. If you guys saw some mistakes in translations or in editing, I hope you can comment. Now another main thing, We will be starting PATREON from next week. Hope you guys … Continue reading “OA 3 – Crossing? Infinite?”

OA 2 – Where is my Golden Finger?

TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD EDITOR: DRAGNEEL Though Wu Ming’s complexion was indifferent as he looked at Housekeeper Wu interrogating the sturdy man, his brain was churning at a rapid pace. His brain was organizing information from the predecessor’s memories. Although this guy was a playboy who didn’t learn anything useful, he still had some common knowledge. … Continue reading “OA 2 – Where is my Golden Finger?”

Volume 3 – Chapter 162: Tit for Tat Part 1

In the office, a middle-aged woman sat the chairman’s seat. It was the same woman I had seen in the United States. That’s right, Xia Jing’s mother. “I hope Aunt is well!” I instantly calmed down. After all, I have also met people harder than her, and situations stormier than this. I even went to … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 162: Tit for Tat Part 1”

Volume 3 – Chapter 161: An Interview with Xia Jing’s Mother

Situ Danshan finally found an opportunity to contact Li Kuiyong. They told Li Kuiyong to take the blame on himself while Situ Family will take care of his family for him. As he got these words, Li Kuiyong’s heart felt light. He felt as if he got pardoned for everything. He felt a lot easier. … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 161: An Interview with Xia Jing’s Mother”