Volume 3 – Chapter 186: Strange Phone Call

“Oh, I participated in the competition for a promise I made to one of my friends. But now, I have a reason not to participate, why would I continue?” I smiled and said, “I don’t care about these trivial things like rankings!” “Ah! It’s such a shame then.” The Gao Yajun shook his head and … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 186: Strange Phone Call”

Volume 3 – Chapter 185: Identical Phones

Chapter 10/10 for the week. “Ring Ring Ring…” The ringing of a cell phone resounded. Wang Shu and I reached our hand to our pocket simultaneously and pulled out two identical mobile phones. Even Wang Shu’s ringtone was the same as what I used! I looked towards Wang Shu strangely. As far as I remembered, … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 185: Identical Phones”

TQBCT 5 – The Enchanting Bath

Chapter 3/4 for the week. Next Chapter will be public after it is edited in a few hours. “What? Don’t tell me Aunt Liang came back home! Not a moment early, not a moment late; she just had to come back at this time? If Aunt Liang saw me coming out of the bathroom while … Continue reading “TQBCT 5 – The Enchanting Bath”

Volume 3 – Chapter 184: Barbecue Under the Moonlight

Wang Shu set the barbecue grill on the beach, skillfully put in the charcoal, and then covered it with an iron mesh. Suddenly, she thought of something and went back to the car, opened the car’s back and searched around a bit. Fiercely slamming it shut, she stood beside the car with a pensive look. … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 184: Barbecue Under the Moonlight”

Volume 3 – Chapter 183: Misunderstood!

I also rarely went to the beach. In my past life, after studying in Songjian, I went to B City. That’s where I found work and lived the rest of my life. Though I would leave B City when I had to rush out for business, I stayed in B CIty for the majority of … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 183: Misunderstood!”

Volume 3 – Chapter 182: Wang Shu’s Troubles Part 2

As Wang Shu saw her gravely ill father, sadness filled her heart. Though she tried to persuade her father on the surface, indignance was filling her heart whenever she thought about how her uncle betrayed her father and invaded their enterprise.   Wang Shu wanted to immediately rush over to the company and ask her … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 182: Wang Shu’s Troubles Part 2”

TQBCT 4 – The Neighbor Elder Sister Taking a Bath?

Chapter 2/4 for the week Ah? Just when Su Lin finally relaxed thinking he got away, his heart jumped back to his throat. He couldn’t understand why Qin YanRan would find an excuse on her initiative if she knew about his perverted acts, instead of getting him caught? “Class Leader Ma’am… I…” Anyway, Su Lin … Continue reading “TQBCT 4 – The Neighbor Elder Sister Taking a Bath?”

Volume 3 – Chapter 181: Wang Shu’s Troubles Part 1

Wang Shu pointed towards the horizon, lightly whispering to me, “When I was a child, I liked to sit on the beach whenever I was unhappy. Listening to the sound of the sea breeze, and watching the tides rise and fall would always make me feel good. There are many…” “Yeah, environment molds a person’s … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 181: Wang Shu’s Troubles Part 1”

Volume 3 – Chapter 180: Date

“What did you say? Wang Shu? The girl we met on the plane?” Ding Wenfeng immediately from his ass to his legs, and said, “You have only known each other for a few days, yet you already hooked up with her!” “Dammit, what do you mean by hooked up? The girl is in a bad … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 180: Date”

Volume 3 – Chapter 179: Three Calls

“Husband?” From the other end of the phone, a sweet voice spoke in her broken Chinese. “You are?” The voice was a bit familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it belonged to. “I am Shirley!” The voice from the other side said in English. Only then did I remember I had a lover on the … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 179: Three Calls”

Volume 3 – Chapter 178: Disqualified

Under my persuasion, Ding Wenfeng gave up the idea of participating in the match, but he still kept on telling me to be cautious. I didn’t take it too seriously. It was just a game. Also, it wasn’t hard for me to defeat Yang Wei with my skills! As I arrived at the changing room, … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 178: Disqualified”

TBQCT 3 – Su Lin, you Satyr!

As Su Lin willed in his mind, time stopped once more. Everything around him became still. Even the air around him felt solidified. In the face of such a strange scene, Su Lin didn’t panic like before. On the contrary, his heart was filled with ecstasy at this moment. “Time truly stopped! Did I make … Continue reading “TBQCT 3 – Su Lin, you Satyr!”

Volume 3 – Chapter 177: Tournament Begins

Listening to Ding Wenfeng’s words, I felt my head blown. Just what sort of person had I got acquainted? The two of us strolled through the streets for a few more hours, returning to the hotel at 8 o’clock in the evening. As the sponsoring personnel saw us, they advised us to prepare well for … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 177: Tournament Begins”

TPT 4 – Children’s Theatre

“Let us in! Let us in!” “Young Master, I can’t allow that. Please understand, the City Lord has forbidden anyone from entering.” “Boo! Let us in. Grandpa won’t be angry.” “ChueChue wants to go as well! ChueChue wants to see the big brother as well!” “Ah, Princess, that is not allowed. Please play somewhere else.” … Continue reading “TPT 4 – Children’s Theatre”

Volume 3 – Chapter 176: In Japan

“Umm…” As I got my luggage and was about to leave, Wang Shu hesitated a bit and then said to me, “We should exchange contact, so when you have a problem in Japan, you can tell me about it. I will help you!” Women, that’s how they were. The more you treat them with indifference; … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 176: In Japan”

TPT 3 – Not a Cat!

After leaving the room, Old Xiao rushed to the City Lord’s study. As he knocked on the door, “Come in!” the city lords voice came from the inside. Opening the door, Old Xiao walked in. Inside, the room was bright, and bookshelves filled with books stood everywhere. In the center of the room, a table … Continue reading “TPT 3 – Not a Cat!”

Volume 3 – Chapter 175: Helping People

Note: The release rate is messed up for now, but bear with it. It will get back on track in a few days. And the release rate will return to 2 chapters daily. Debt Chapters: 3 (Rejoice for the mass release.) Due to the embarrassment when changing seats, the girl lowered her head and dared … Continue reading “Volume 3 – Chapter 175: Helping People”

TPT 2 – Ding Family

After running for another hour, a city appeared in the distance. Surrounding the city was a 20-meter tall city wall. Covering the dark-grey city wall were murals of fierce warriors, beasts, and weapons, making it appear magnificent. On top of the city walls, warriors were standing proudly, and artilleries were ready for battle at any … Continue reading “TPT 2 – Ding Family”

TPT 1 – The Descending Star

As the youth walked towards him, the soaked old man trembled, his heart went cold, while his pupils shrunk. His forehead and back had drops of water, though if it was water or sweat, that was hard to tell. …………. A few minutes ago, the old man was fishing at the Crystal Lake as always. … Continue reading “TPT 1 – The Descending Star”

OA 5 – Mission

[Main Quest Mission: Survival! (Noob Trial)] [Mission Objective: Survive in the Daqing Village for more than seven days!] [Completion Reward: 100 Minor Merits] [Attention: You must stay inside 1.5 Km radius of Daqing Village. Any offender of the law will get obliterated!] [Scene Introduction: The peaceful Great Xia and the northern Barbarians have shackled in … Continue reading “OA 5 – Mission”