OA 8 – Swarm Of Ants

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

The beacon was suddenly lit up.

Although the Daqing Village was already prepared for this, the moment the Township Militia saw the enemy, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.


A massive and dense swarm of people!

Numerous people from the nearby villages, regardless of who they were; young, old, weak, sick, disabled, everyone was being driven forward by the Barbarians trying to attack the city. It appeared like a swarm of ants.

The villagers were already gathered at the same place, so now that they saw their acquaintances and relatives holding wooden sticks and stones, rushing towards them, their faces froze. The Daqing Village’s wall immediately became tumultuous.

“These Barbarians are crazy!”

Wang Qiao and Wang Yin; the father and son were stunned and screamed, and at the same time, they looked at Wu Ming to take charge for them.

“As long as someone tries to rush up, kill! Remember, not only are you fighting for yourself but also your parents, wife, and children…”

Wu Ming stood together with Qin Hu, commanding several devilish looking young men now that the duty was on them.

Before, Wu Ming had talked to the head of the village and told him that the Barbarians might use the surrounding villagers, attacking in a swarm to take over the place. He had suggested that they should immediately implement strict management in the entire village, gathering the old, the women, and the children together. And that they should also establish a supervising team to suppress riots.

Because of Wang Qiao’s declination, this couldn’t be done. And now that this happened, Wu Ming would obviously have to deal with everything.

“Don’t… Uncle!”

“Er Niu!”

“I am Xiao Shitou…”

Under the urging of the Barbarians, more than two hundred weaponless villagers were slowly going forward. Regardless of the fact that the people had to protect their village, everyone was in tears on the wall.

“Shoot the arrows!”

Wu Ming shouted with a cold face, then suddenly, he yelled, “If the village is broken into, the others who are here will not be able to live either!”


A rain of arrows fell. Under the pitiful screams of the people, many attackers withdrew and fell back in different directions.


Followed by the sound of hoofbeats, dozens of Barbarian Cavalry finally appeared in front of Wu Ming.

The Barbarians were wearing animal fur coats, carrying quivers on their backs, and riding horses as they sped towards the village. On their both sides they had longbows and machetes.

Seeing the refugees fleeing, the Barbarian in the lead screamed and immediately bent down on the horseback. Taking the longbow and an arrow, he pulled the bow into a crescent moon and let it go!

Whiz! Whiz!

The arrow made of bone flew out and immediately shot the escapees.

The rest were forcefully driven together and then prepared for the next wave of offensive.

“Haha… Kill them! Kill them all! Anyway, no matter how many die, they aren’t our people. The more others die, the better for us……”

In the middle of the wild laughter of the Barbarians, a few beacons in the distance lit up. Several Barbarian Cavalries were rushing from the other side with prisoners leading the way!

Many Barbarians screamed, laughed, and even smothered (kill by suffocating) men and abused women, not caring about anything.

“Ah! Bastards!”

The scene before him made Wang Qiao glare and clench his jaws.

The villagers who were with the second swarm of the Barbarians started to attack. The people above and below the mud wall all had tears in their eyes with no words coming out of their mouths.

“I… I can’t. My uncle is still below!”

A young man held a stone in his hand but couldn’t bring himself to throw it. He just cried to himself.


The whip was pulled out and swung on him, leaving a bloodstain on his back.

Wu Ming’s voice filled with hysteria transmitted, “What are you doing their crying! Throw that stone over to me!”

The youth’s hand shook and the stone fell down.

The surrounding villagers gnashed their teeth and started to kill. At the same time, many of them looked at Wu Ming with resentful eyes.

“See that? Do you now understand why father didn’t allow you to do this!”

Wang Qiao said to Wang Yin, “At that time…… At that time, it would have been us in the midst of hatred and resentment!”

Wu Ming naturally knew his own predicament, the disaster that would befall him wasn’t going to be little.

But all he needed was to persist for seven days, and then he will be able to leave without the fear of a single thing.


The waves of attack lasted until the night. By the time it was all over, Daqing Village was surrounded by corpses. It was terrible.

Even the arrows, bricks, and wood in the reserve were completely consumed. What was even more alarming was the mental and physical suffering of the Township Militia.

The moon in the sky was still the same, but the people on the ground were crying.

“Young master Nameless, this mistress has brought food for you!”

Sitting on the wall, Wu Ming’s entire focus was observing all around. Seeing Huang Ying, this woman, actually come to this bloody place, he was somewhat stunned.

“This mistress…… this mistress had thought that you hadn’t had anything to eat or drink the entire day, young master Nameless, so I brought you this……”

Huang Ying’s expression was slightly red as she held the food box in her hand, reaching it towards Wu Ming.

“Thank you…”

Inside the food box, there were several steamed buns, dried meat, and a jug of wine. Wu Ming was also hungry, so he immediately took the box and started to gorge it up.

Huang Ying had gathered her entire courage to come up here. Now that she looked at the corpses and blood under the wall, she felt dizzy as her eyes turned red, “These people are quite miserable!”

“This mortal world is like a dream, we might as well be in a dream…..”

Wu Ming suddenly said after he had satiated himself with food and wine.

“Then this mistress hopes that we all can wake up from this nightmare as soon as possible!”

Huang Ying suddenly asked, “Young master Nameless, is it possible that you can save those civilians outside somehow?”

Wu Ming shook his head and said, “I know that you, Miss Huang Ying, are very sad right now, but I must ask you to remember that even if we want to be benevolent, we must not forget our own ability! Otherwise, you will only bring disaster upon yourself and the people around you……”

Huang Ying then thought of something and suddenly said, “But isn’t today just like yesterday? Young master Nameless, didn’t you save this mistress yesterday?”


Wu Ming was a bit startled but then said, “Yesterday, I had the confidence to be able to save you, so I would obviously go ahead and try to uphold justice and be the good hero. Even today, if I could go against hundreds of enemies by myself, and be able to single-handedly kill a Shaman, there is no way I won’t do something that philanthropic. But what a pity I don’t have that strength, so what can be done?”

“This mistress understands……”

While still facing Wu Ming, Huang Ying said with a blessed expression, “The Barbarian Cavalry weren’t able to do any damage today. This mistress is so frustrated that she can’t support everyone in any other way, I can only do something minor like this……”

“And… brother Qin Hu seems to also have his own plans…” {Huang Ying}

“Let him go…” {Wu Ming}

Wu Ming stayed silent for a moment and then said, “Miss Huang Ying, can I ask what are your thoughts regarding our Main Quest? And, why out of everything, would the words ‘choice’ be highlighted?”

“Could it be that……”

Huang Ying was startled.

“That’s right, our only Mission is survival…… That’s all!”

Wu Ming had a smirk on his face as he said, “It seems that the Barbarians won’t be trying a sneak attack on us tonight. I wonder if Miss Huang Ying can find Qin Hu to replace my position. Do help me with this if it is convenient!”


Soon, two days passed.

The Barbarians actually kept on taking hostage all the people from the nearby villages, using them at the forefront of their siege army. They consumed a large amount of physical and mental strength of the people trying to protect Daqing Village.

After the mass slaughter of a lot of neighboring villagers, the Daqing Village was surrounded by thousands of corpses already while the nearby villages were now empty.

Compared to before, the trench, barriers, storage, and armament that they originally had had already been mostly consumed. Even the Township Militia had casualties. Most importantly, the blow to the morale was nothing to underestimate.

Even then, the real test was just starting.

“Shoot the arrows!”

A rain of arrows flew towards the enemy!

After the death of the hostages, the Barbarian Cavalry won’t be able to sit back and enjoy no matter how unwilling they were.

As the arrows rained down on the enemy, they were blocked by many wooden shields. Many Cavalry were dismounting and charging ahead.


At this time, Wu Ming, Qin Hu, and some other Township Militia Leaders took charge and lead the Militia to the front line. They were wearing leather armor with Tempered Steel Blades in their hands.

Only those of them who were in the 3rd or 4th Mortal Body Refinement Realm will be able to rely on the geographical advantage and resist the attack of the Barbarian Cavalry.

“Raise the blades!”

Wu Ming’s complexion was firm and resolute as he faced a Barbarian charging towards him. Without moving too much, he took the initiative to meet the enemy’s machete with his own blade. The Barbarian’s attack left a gash on the leather armor, forcing pain down to his bones. But the steel knife in Wu Ming’s hand was like a poisonous dragon as it maliciously stabbed into the Barbarian’s body.

The Barbarians were destitute, even the arrows they had were taken from others or the battlefield, so it was obvious that the majority of them didn’t have any good armor.

Wu Ming, on the other hand, was wearing an armor from the Daqing Village. Wang Qiao, that old man had accumulated some good stuff in his arsenal. And Wu Ming also had a commanding position and an advantage when it came to the terrain, so he naturally won.

[Killed a Barbarian Cavalry with a strike. Giving 100 Minor Merits!]

The Overgod Palace’s faint voice sounded in his ears but Wu Ming was disinclined to pay any attention to it.

What use was accumulating all these Merit Points if they weren’t even going to live?

“Make way, let me through!”

Suddenly, a loud sound came. When Wu Ming looked towards the source, he could see Wang Yin holding a long spear, unexpectedly, he was wearing an iron armor. Just like a Deity descending on the mortal world, he swept through the Barbarians!

This set of iron armor was the best thing in Wang Qiao’s arsenal, the real deal!

In ancient times, iron was an expensive material. And to be able to craft an armor like this, the materials needed were even more astonishing.

One set of armor. It might be too much to say that the armor was worth the entire Daqing Village, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the armor was worth half of the Daqing Village.

With Wang Yin’s Cultivation of True Qi Realm, together with the armor, he was a slaughter machine in human form!

If God blocks the path, kill God! If Buddha blocks the path, kill Buddha! Finally, the Barbarians started to suffer casualties and the tides of battle started to turn in their (Wu Ming and others) favor. The villagers on the wall cheered and worshiped Wang Yin as if he was a hero.


But immediately, a scream ruined the atmosphere.

A Township Militia member pointed not far away, his face was full of a strange expression.


Wu Ming narrowed his eyes and looked towards the Barbarian camp. Suddenly, a suspicious figure wearing a mask with drums hanging on his sides appeared.

“Wolf Spirit God, please give us strength!”

The Barbarian wearing the antler mask tapped the drums on his sides.

Thump! Thump!

The low and deep drumbeat resonated in everyone’s hearts, making Wu Ming’s heart have a bad feeling. The Barbarians were loudly cheering as their wounds stopped bleeding. Those with some wounds directly healed, appearing to have been granted a new life. The scars disappeared without using any medicine!

“Fuck! Is that a mass healing magician?”

Wu Ming cursed in his heart and gave a name to the enemy. Wang Qiao screamed as if someone had held his neck, “It is a Shaman! The Shaman of the Barbarians! Ah…… Just what kind of sin have we committed that we had to encounter something like this?”

“Rise! There’s no need to be afraid, the Wolf Spirit God is watching over you!” {TL Note: The Shaman is not asking them to rise from prostration or kneeling or anything. He’s telling them to rise against the enemy. When he says the Spirit is watching over you, he’s not referring to himself. Instead, he is referring to whatever God they worship.}

The wooden pupils of the Shaman moved as he drummed the magic drum, striking it unceasingly. A scarlet bright light appeared, covering everything around.

The Barbarians who were wrapped inside the light shouted excitedly as they became more energetic. Their morale shot to unprecedented heights as a response. The people all around the village were horrified from the sight before them as their morale shot down as well.