OA 5 – Mission

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

[Main Quest Mission: Survival! (Noob Trial)]

[Mission Objective: Survive in the Daqing Village for more than seven days!]

[Completion Reward: 100 Minor Merits]

[Attention: You must stay inside 1.5 Km radius of Daqing Village. Any offender of the law will get obliterated!]

[Scene Introduction: The peaceful Great Xia and the northern Barbarians have shackled in a war for over nine years. The war has resulted in the loss of many lives. A team of Barbarian Cavalry has broken through the defense lines, rushing towards Daqing Village. Soon, the Daqing village will fall under attack. Death or Survival, make your choice.]

[Side Quest: Attack and kill the invaders! When faced with the enemy, every Barbarian Cavalry soldier killed awards you with 50 Minor Merits. For every Tulu Warrior killed, you get 100 Minor Merits. And for every Shaman killed, you get 300 Minor Merit!]

[The Mission Scene: Minor! The Mission Difficulty: Desolate!]

“Great Xia!”

Kang Shouli exclaimed, “Before Great Zhou was Great Shang, and before Great Shang was Great Xia! Did we return to the past? How could this be possible?”

‘Returning to the past is impossible. But could there be a way to create a small world, intercept part of the war, and simulate it? ‘

Wu Ming felt his heart slightly move and looked towards the others!

After hearing about the invasion of the Barbarians, Huang Ying’s face was getting ugly, while Xiaoyu had the biggest reaction as she cried out, “During the desolate times, Shamans were called Witch doctors and priests. They can use Shaman arts! While the Tulu Warriors in the Barbarian Tribe were the great Powerhouses…! We…”

It seems that this lady had already started to accept reality, even being able to calculate their chances of survival in the mission.

“The Barbarian Tribe Cavalry was ferocious. Wherever they passed, not a single blade of grass would be left! Also, their ability for horse riding and fighting on horses was unparalleled. Perhaps, if we join forces, we might be able to take one down!”

Qin Hu said as he walked two steps forward, trying to appear on the same level as Wu Ming.


Wu Ming looked towards them. Huang Ying was looking towards him with anticipation while Kang Shouli said nothing.

After all, in a disaster, people tend to look towards the Powerhouses. It was a natural instinct.

If not for the fact his power was greater than theirs, these people might not even look towards him.

As Wu Ming saw their reactions, he shook his head.

These people who couldn’t even trust each other, how were they going to unite forces and defend against their mighty enemies?

Therefore, Wu Ming didn’t have many expectations for these ‘teammates’ of his. Now he heard it was a survival mission, his heart clenched, but then he relaxed.

There wasn’t much to be anxious. The Overgod Space already knew their strength was much inferior to the Barbarian Cavalry, and so, only gave a survival mission. There weren’t any other requests, and the mission only appeared to be difficult.

Relaxing his body, he appraised himself and felt that there wasn’t any need to worry about being implicated by his pig teammates.

But at this time, it was necessary to maintain unity and join forces on the surface. After all, more was always better than one.

Wu Ming pointed towards the village on the plain and said, “That must be the Daqing Village, the first checkpoint of our missions? Whether we can survive this mission…”

Suddenly, Wu Ming’s complexion changed.

The smoke that was rising from the village had been originally still, but now, it started to curl and rise, the air began to flow, the breeze caressed them, the leaves rustled, and the world was as if it had come to ‘life’.

[Ding! The Main Quest initialized, and an Immediate task is released!]

[Immediate task: Arrival! You must arrive at the Daqing Village within 30 minutes, otherwise, the mission will be considered a failure!]

As the information appeared in the Sea of Consciousness of Wu Ming and the others, a small sundial also appeared in their vision, and its indicator was moving fast.

Wu Ming and the others were startled by the sudden information. Mission Failure, those two words gave them a terrible premonition.


Qin Hu was the first person to run. He was part of some gang, and the only thing he believed in was the strength of one’s fist. He was very realistic and straightforward.

Whether everything was just a joke or a conspiracy, the other party could still send information directly to their minds. Even if they must go along with all this, they still had to find out that person’s identity!

“Main Quest Mission has no leeway for failure because failure will mean death… But now…”

Xiaoyu and Huang Ying looked towards each other and smiled bitterly as they looked towards Qin Hu who had already run far away from them.

Huang Ying eyes were filled with pleading and despair. As Kang Shouli looked towards her, he felt his bones go soft. He held out his hand and said, “If Miss Huang doesn’t mind…”

“Young Master Kang is indeed a liberal man, not abandoning this mistress. This mistress is deeply grateful and can’t understand how to repay you for not shutting me out?”

Huang Ying embraced Kang Shouli’s arm gracefully and said in a sweat, weak voice, making Kang Shouli immensely proud, “Miss Huang can feel relieved. As long as this Kang is here, you don’t need to be worried!”

Although he was a playboy just like the former Wu Ming and wallowed in women and wine; but for good or for bad, he was able to reach the 2nd Layer of Mortal Body stage at least. He had more than enough strength to bring along another person.

“It seems like the only ones left are the two of us! Let’s go; I will bring you along.”

Touching his nose, Wu Ming held Xiaoyu on his back like a child and surpassed Kang Shouli in a few big strides.

“Thank you a lot, brother Nameless!”

Although he was holding Xiaoyu like a little child as he ran forward, Xiaoyu had a sweet smile on her face.

At this time, as the distance between the two was very close, Wu Ming could feel her breath. Her skin was soft and fair, while her appearance was like that of a cute doll. She was even better looking than the best porcelain doll available in the world.

“Hmm, Miss Xiaoyu, you haven’t told me your full name yet!”

Even though Wu Ming was rushing, his breathing and pulse were stable, and so, he asked in a leisurely mood.

Xiaoyu looked towards Wu Ming, and with a sly glint, she said in the same tone Wu Ming used before, “The world is a dangerous place, one must never give their name! Oh…” Before her words had finished, her forehead was smashed into Wu Ming’s head as she shouted in pain.

Suffering a bit, the little girl immediately became honest and shut her mouth. After a while, she finally mumbled with her heart feeling unwilling, “If brought together by others with their treasures, it will not…”

Suddenly, it seemed as if she lost her words and spoke no more.

Wu Ming didn’t know what she meant nor did he take it to heart. From the conversations before, he could tell that the woman was born with extraordinary enthusiasm. It was just that she didn’t practice any Taoist Laws or anything else related to that. Thinking about everything that happened, Wu Ming appeared to be pondering something.

30 minutes weren’t too long nor too short. But for ordinary people, especially those who have no Cultivation, it wasn’t easy to get to the Daqing Village. But for Martial Arts practitioners like Wu Ming, covering that distance wasn’t a hard matter.

Passing through the entrance of the Daqing village, Wu Ming heard the announcement of Immediate Mission completion in his mind.

Wu Ming slowly exhaled and let Xiaoyu down.

“Thank you, brother Nameless. You are such a good person!”

Xiaoyu smiled and thanked Wu Ming. After that, she looked towards the direction of Kang Shouli and yelled anxiously, “Hurry up, the time is going to be up soon!”

At this time, in their minds, the pointer of the sundial still had some distance left till it reached zero!

Looking at the figures of the two people, and the apparent pale color of Kang Shouli’s face, Wu Ming had a sly glint in his eyes, “With Kang Shouli’s speed, he would barely be able to reach the place. The level of danger is very high…”

Qin Hu sneered and stood up, blocking the path to the village entrance.

“What are you doing?” Xiaoyu asked with her face covered in vigilance.

“What?” Qin Hu looked towards her with ridicule, “Isn’t it natural, I am trying to see if all this is true or false? Or is it simply a joke…”

He said as he took a few stones in his hand and aimed towards them.

“Wait a minute!”

Wu Ming suddenly spoke.

“What? Brother Nameless, don’t tell me you don’t want to try it?” Qin Hu said coldly, “I am just going to use the proper method…”

“What you said is true! But it isn’t yet time yet time for you to confirm the matter!”

Wu Ming shook his head.

Qin Hu looked towards Wu Ming. His eyes had a cold glow as he suddenly laughed, “Today, I will give face to brother Nameless!”


While they were talking, Kang Shouli barely reached the place and started to pant. Crossing the border together with Huang Ying, he had joy on his face, “Many thanks to brother Wu Ming for rescuing us!”


As Qin Hu watched and heard Kang Shouli, he simply snorted and turned towards him.

“What? Do you want to have a go against me? A brat from a rich family, I have wanted to teach a lesson to people like you for a long time now!”

Qin Hu said fiendishly. The overwhelming aura he released when he glared at him made Kang Shouli sweat and his body numb. He took a few steps back and shrunk behind Wu Ming.

“Good, this is enough… We all are in a foreign world, no need to act like this! We all need to cross this river together!”

As Wu Ming watched everything, he said. He was able to somewhat grasp Qin Hu’s psychology.

At this time, the truth of the matter was obvious. Qin Hu wanted to push all these people over to him, Wu Ming.

Of course, in Qin Hu’s vision, all the people except for Wu Ming were just a burden. But Wu Ming thought otherwise. In his view, all of them had a strong point to themselves and weren’t just burdens.

Therefore, he immediately tried to calm everyone down as he said, “Everyone, let me say a few words. The most important objective we have right now is to be able to contact the people of this world and quickly gather all the information we can!”

He pointed towards their surroundings.

Qin Hu and the others discovered that as they all reached and stopped at the entrance of the village, they had attracted the attention of the locals. Some of them were even gathering towards them quickly.

In the times of war, no matter where people were, the most common trait was vigilance and valiance towards their stronghold from the outsiders. Otherwise, they would have been swallowed and ruined by the influences from all around and get reduced to dregs.

“In my opinion, they should be very vigilant of the outsiders! Let’s wait for their village Lord to arrive…”

Wu Ming pointed towards the villagers in the distance, “Before they arrive, we should think of some story and make sure everyone says the same thing! After all… It would be better to not get into a hostile relationship with Daqing Village people. If they drove us out, it would be troublesome for us!”

It was a matter of their life and death. Listening to his words, Qin Hu and Kang Shouli lowered their heads in shame on their own initiative.

“Hehe… Several guests welcome to our Daqing village. This old man has been disrespectful for making you wait here.”

Indeed, as expected. After a few moments, a red-faced, white-haired old man greeted them, followed by a group of youngsters who arrived hand-in-hand, “This old man is Wang Qiao, the local head of this village. I wonder what the surnames of the honorable persons are? I wonder what brought you all to our humble paradise?”

The five of them looked towards each other, and finally, Wu Ming stood out and said, “Old Sir is polite! I and the others…”

After deciding on a simple story among themselves, Wu Ming told him their identities. According to Wu Ming’s words, he and Kang Shouli were the Young Masters from an aristocratic family in the country, leading their concubines and maidservants to go around the country on a journey. Unfortunately, they met the Barbarian Cavalry, and the only people who survived were them.

Huang Ying and Xiaoyu naturally became the concubine and maidservant. As for Qin Hu, his appearance was enough to prove him as their bodyguard.

“What? Barbarian Cavalry?”

As soon as he heard their words, Wang Qiao’s expression changed. But soon he calmed down and said, “I have been disrespectful to the honored guests! The war is getting fiercer and fiercer, and the people are losing a lot. Let me invite you in and serve you tea. This old man will try to provide you the best hospitality…”