OA 4 – Teammates

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Overgod Space Initialized! Please be prepared for Reincarnation.” In Wu Ming’s mind, the vast old-fashioned mechanical voice reverberated. After he heard it, darkness soon overtook his mind, and Wu Ming lost consciousness.

Soon, Wu Ming felt a horrible feeling that came with a nightmare. He felt as if he no longer had any weight, his body felt empty, and he couldn’t feel his limbs. It felt like falling from a very high place. Wu Ming tried to open his eyes but found it impossible to move even a little.


Suddenly, Wu Ming felt he had finally hit the ground. Stunned, he opened his eyes.

The mountains were tall and beautiful. Some distance away, smoke was rising from a small village established on the plains. Though the view was great, Wu Ming’s pupils shrunk with shock.

As for why he was shocked, it was because of the smoke in the blue sky. The smoke was stagnant!!

Not only smoke, even the old trees near the village, the flowers, the grass on the road, the birds, and even the beasts, all were stagnant. Everything appeared suspended in space, just like the real-life specimen in displays.

A circle of white light covered everything. Other than that, there were some other people around, lying on the ground, unconscious.

Wu Ming turned a blind eye towards them, “Stopping the world… It must be that ‘Overgod Space.’ Damn! Why do I have to get involved in something like this? It must be due to that damned jade!”

Here is the rumored hell mode of Overgod Space! Those who fail to raise their levels, mission failures, and insufficient points, all these lead to direct annihilation from the world of Overgod.

Pitifully looking towards the sky, Wu Ming felt he was satisfied with being in the world of Great Zhou. He just wanted to train his body and become a bit stronger. He certainly didn’t want something like this Overgod Space!

With his body’s foundation, as long as he stayed lowkey, he could have developed to a high level in Great Zhou, though slowly.

With the resources of the Wu Family, and his prodigious sister backing him up, coming in contact with the Taoism community in the future wouldn’t have just remained a dream, it could be within his reach!

Even if he couldn’t practice Taoism, there were still Martial Arts, Confusion Scholars, Witchcraft, or even Warlocks. There were so many paths to take. As long as he persevered, there was hope!

But now, falling into this goddamn Overgod Space, he reckoned that even if he could live, the missions wouldn’t be easy. They[Missions] would surely be a lot of trouble!

“Dammit! Is this that Lin Qi bastard’s Golden Finger?”

Wu Ming subconsciously touched his chest. The jade that Lin Qi had worn was now on him. Other than that, there was nothing else. Just then, Wu Ming’s complexion changed, and he looked towards his right hand.

After all, before Wu Ming could make sense of what that jade was, it burst out with a powerful light. Wu Ming felt his hand get burned at that time.

But now, as he looked at his hand, there were no burn marks or anything. All of that was gone.

This made Wu Ming have some ideas about this Overgod Space. Just then,

[Welcome, Reincarnators! Welcome to the Overgod Space!]

At this time, a voice even more mysterious than the former one directly sounded inside Wu Ming’s mind. The sound was mechanical and old-fashioned, but it was a lot more dignified and majestic.

[Here is the Heaven, the Earth, the Six Realms of Samsara, and everything in-between! Here, anything you want can be obtained! Any wish, otherwise impossible, can be fulfilled here! As long as you complete the mission given by the Overgod Space, you may have the entire world!]

[Ding! Scanning Reincarnator…, Collecting Information…, Assigning a Number…]

Soon, a light curtain fell over Wu Ming and revealed a few words written in an ancient and mysterious font. The words appeared to be part of a literary transcript from Heavens. But Wu Ming understood everything with a single look,

[Reincarnator Number: Sixty-Nine!]

[Name: Wu Ming]

[Cultivation Base: Mortal Body 4th Layer Inner Strength]

[Equipment: Jade Pendant (Unknown Item. Need appraisal from the Overgod Palace.) ]

[Title: None]

[The Overgod Space has fine-tuned your appearance and clothing. You are automatically equipped with the multi-language system, allowing you to communicate with the Synthetic Characters without any barriers. The system will disappear once you complete the mission…, Note: It is strictly forbidden to divulge information about the Overgod Space and the real world to the Synthetic Characters. Any offenders of this law will be OBLITERATED!]


Wu Ming carefully looked at the words written on the light curtain several times. Especially the last word. Whenever he looked at the blood-red words ‘OBLITERATED,’ his heart clenched in terror.


As Wu Ming looked at his attributes, he felt like vomiting blood, “Is there nothing else? Really! What about Muscle Intensity? Nerve Connection? Strength? Agility? Physique? Can’t I view any of these? Can you not be so simple…”


As he was busy asking these questions, a sharp female cry transmitted from some distance. Wu Ming turned his head and looked towards the people who were now slowly crawling and standing up. Rolling his eyes at them, he thought in his heart, “According to the Infinite Crossing Over Manual, the sooner you wake up, the stronger you are. That said…, These people are even weaker compared to me. They are trash…?”

Whether he could complete this mission and return alive or not, it probably had a lot to do with these people. Looking at these people, all Wu Ming felt was worries. And those worries didn’t seem to be unfounded.

“This Young Master, can you tell us where this is?”

A woman asked in her gentle voice. The woman was dressed in a light-yellow, long-sleeved dress. She had a mole at the corner of her mouth, making her appear very charming. As she got up, her body appeared to be very impoverished though. She had the appearance of someone who had been traveling. When she asked her question, she seemed very graceful.

“Well… For now, at least this woman looks calm.” Wu Ming nodded and thought in his heart. Just when he was going to answer that woman, the man next to her stood up. He looked scared as he said,

“Ah… What happened? Wasn’t I in a restaurant, having a good meal? How come I am here? Who are you people? Kidnappers? You must be kidnappers! I am telling you, don’t try anything funny. My uncle is the County Magistrate…”

Wu Ming simply ignored him and looked towards the other two people. One of them was a young girl who appeared to be only 15 or 16. Her both hands were clasped onto the lower hem of her dress as she rubbed them restlessly. As for the other man, he appeared to be a strong fighter. With his fierce expression, he resembled a secretive vagabond.

Counting Wu Ming, there were three men and two women. At least, there weren’t any old fogies or babies dragged into this insanity by that Overgod Space.

*Cough…* *Cough…*

Wu Ming coughed twice and attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone immediately looked towards him vigilantly.

Wu Ming smiled awkwardly and shrugged his shoulders. Spreading open his hands, he displayed that he had nothing, and he was innocent, “Actually, I also arrived here with all of you, and I am as confused as you all are. The current situation is strange, so we all should work together to get out of here. I can expose my first discovery though. There is some information inscribed in my mind; all of you should also have that. Try to remember carefully and listen attentively…”

As Wu Ming finished his words, the other four people remained silent for a moment before they all shouted in alarm one by one, as if they had seen a ghost,

“Overgod Space? As long as one can complete the mission, any desire can be fulfilled? A joke! It is certainly a big joke! What equipment? Title? All these are just tricks!

The man’s cheeks were hollow and face pale. He appeared to be someone who divulged in women and wine, “Our generation reads the books of Saints and Sages, how could these occult and uncanny things be used to fool us?”

Wu Ming gave him a look of despise. Have you looked at your condition? Books of Saints and Sages? Yeah, you must have read them while lying on a women’s belly!

“What this mistress thinks is that this is not a joke! With the status that this mistress has, there isn’t anyone who would dare afford the price to play a joke on this mistress…”

The yellow-clothed and impoverished woman said with a bitter smile, “This mistress is from the Donghai County. In a hundred-mile radius surrounding Donghai, there is no vast plain like this. It is as if I suddenly went from south to north in an instant…”

“I am a person of the Qinbian County. With the distance that Donghai and Qinbian have, even if I traveled on a high-speed horse for an entire month, I wouldn’t be able to cover it…”

The man with the fierce complexion had his expression turn uglier.


The only remaining girl said timidly, “I… I have heard from my father that the world has a lot of mysterious places and miracles. There are also Heavenly Grottos and Blessed Lands. Once you are swallowed by one of those places, the seas may turn into mulberry fields, while the worlds grow old. You may also end up in a completely different place. Though it is only in theory, could we have also encountered such a situation?”


Wu Ming was quite surprised and looked at the young girl carefully. This little girl was much better compared to the former playboy whose body he inherited. At least, she knew a bit.

“Right! Now that we all are in this world, all of us are in the same boat and need to cross this river. So, all of us should introduce each other, what Cultivation Base we have, and what special skills we each have. OK!”

“This mistress is Huang Ying, from the Hundred Blossom House of Donghai County. As for special skills… Do Zither, Go, Calligraphy, and Painting work?”

With Wu Ming’s previous actions and words, the suspicion they had towards each other decreased a bit. The woman introduced her calmly and confidently. But when it came to skills, her face displayed an embarrassed expression.

“Do you have any Cultivation Base? Do you practice any Dao Technique?

Wu Ming asked with a final bit of hope.

Huang Ying shook her head and lightly said, “This mistress was driven into prostitution and my body has been ruined because of it. I have only been an escort and a prostitute for many years. Martial Art? Dao Techniques? I don’t know any of them…”

Although her origin wasn’t great, the fact that she could frankly talk about herself made Wu Ming have a high opinion of her.

The scared youth from before had his eyes turn bright as he said, “I never thought that there would be such beautiful sisters in Donghai County. This humble one must pay an official visit to that place sometime in the future. This humble one is named Kang Shouli. My father is one of the heroic members of the Hedong City’s gentry. {TL Note: The gentry (genterie; Old French gentil: “high-born”) are the “well-born, genteel, and well-bred people” of the social class below the nobility of a society.} My second uncle is a County Magistrate. My Kang Family has a little reputation in the East River City. In my youth, I was taught by a Martial Arts Master, and practiced to the 2nd Layer of the Mortal Body…”

“Originally it was Young Master Kang. Young Master is humble indeed!”

Huang Ying smiled gracefully. The moment he saw her smile, Kang Shouli felt charmed by her and forgot where the north and south were. He had an appearance as if his soul had flown away.

“Qin Hu! Mortal Body Realm 3rd Layer!”

The black-clothed fierce man probably treated his words like gold and only said a few words. He was still looking all around restlessly.

“I… I am called Xiao Yu. What about you, elder brother?”

The last young girl had a crisp and cute voice. Her eyes were very bright and intelligent. With her smart eyes, she looked towards Wu Ming.

“Right! We all have introduced ourselves, the only one remaining is you! You wouldn’t be trying to hide something from us, right?”

Kang Shouli looked towards Wu Ming fiercely and said in a loud voice.

“The world is a dangerous place; one must never leave behind their name!”

Wu Ming said with a smile. Looking towards the cute girl, he said, “I am nameless (Wuming\Wu Ming), and don’t have a surname. You can just call me Nameless (Wuming\Wu Ming). That will be enough!” {TL Note: Here Wu Ming uses a play on words. The Chinese characters for nameless are ‘无名’ [Wúmíng] pronounced about the same as his name, ‘吴明’ [Wú Míng]}

Dangerous your sister, dammit!

At this time, the other four had their foreheads covered in dark lines. Qin Hu had the worst temperament of them all and started to clench his fists as he was going to walk over to Wu Ming.

“As for my Cultivation Base? I am also in the 3rd Layer of Mortal Body Realm, Muscles and Bones Refined and Thundering!”

Wu Ming said with a smile. As he shook his hand, strength coursed through his bones and produced a crackling thundering sound.

“Peak of Mortal Body 3rd Layer!”

Qin Hu’s pupils shrunk and he no longer dared to go forward. Wu Ming was at the peak of Mortal Body 3rd Realm, while he just entered the 3rd Layer. The difference was too great for him to fight against Wu Ming.

“Humph. Vulgar Martial Artists!”

Kang Shouli snorted and looked towards Wu Ming with disdain. The only one who looked towards Wu Ming with a completely innocent face was Xiaoyu.

Just at that time, the voice of Overgod Space sounded in their minds again,

[All Reincarnators Confirmed! Starting System! Assigning Mission!]