OA 3 – Crossing? Infinite?

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Three days later.

Wu Family Fortress, at the martial arts training field.

Wu Ming faced a wooden stake. Holding his chest high, he started hitting the stake with a boxing stance, “Five hundred and seventy-three!”

The wooden stake squeaked, and there was even a deep dent on the thick and tightly textured wood.

The servants and maidservants around were looking at each other in astonishment.

Since when did their Young Master become so serious and hardworking? It was strange, too strange!

Wu Ming was indifferent to their reactions and continued to sweat.

He was a very realistic and open-minded person. Now that he had confirmed he had truly crossed over to another world and going back was impossible, he might as well accept this new life and deal with it.

But accepting the new life doesn’t mean he was going to court death as well! If one wanted to live and on the top of that if one wanted to live a better life, then one must work harder than anyone else. He knew that much.

By relying on his sister, he could live a peaceful life protected under her shadow. But what if his truth got exposed one day? What would become of him then?

Wu Ming has always avoided pinning his hopes on other people! He would rather do everything himself than depend on others. Who knew when others would ditch him?

The Martial arts, Divine Path, Godhood, Taoist Immortals, those Dao Institutes, 3000 Great Dao Avenues, and the pinnacle level of Great Zhou; all of these gave rise to immense anticipation in his heart.

In his past life, he had lived in mediocrity. His entire life was like that; just like the other people there. Nothing more, nothing less.

But here, people could pursue eternal life, immense might, and the pinnacle of the world.

“One thousand three hundred and eleven!”

“One thousand three hundred and twelve!”


Wu Ming shouted, bombarding the wooden stakes with his continuous fierce fists.

“Kacha! Ta!”

Under his continuous bombardment, the specially designed wooden stake that was used to train Martial Arts split into two. As the thigh-thick wooden stake broke, it stunned the servants while the maidservants shouted in cheers.

“Young Master Ming! This slave is here to help wipe your sweat!”

A sweet-looking maidservant swayed her hips and came forward. Wearing a green lotus-dress, the giggling maidservant looked enchanting. As she bent towards him, Wu Ming could see stars shining in her eyes.

“No need, I can do it myself.”

Wu Ming took the towel and wiped his sweat. In his heart, he affirmed, “Finally! I have reached the former level.”

Although the Great Zhou had 3000 Dao Avenues, the most widely spread were still the Wu Family.

After all, the entry requirements were the least, and the resources required weren’t too much either. Thus, They were destined to spread widely, though not as unified as the various Taoism, Legalism, and other avenues.

The previous Wu Ming had also wanted to follow his sister and entered a Taoist School. Although he could also Cultivate, the Taoist Technique he required was too high level. With his poor talent, it was impossible for him to comprehend anything. Rather, he might die of old age before he even comprehends anything. He could only practice Martial Arts of the lowest level as they didn’t require too high a comprehension talent.

“There are nine stages of Martial Arts for the Mortal Body: Stable Heart, Skin and Flesh Refining, Muscle and Bone Refining, Inner Strength, True Qi, Innate Stage, Outer Astral, Inner Astral, and Extreme Transformation.”

“My predecessor was already at the boundary of the 4th stage, Inner Strength. His Skin, Flesh, Muscles, Bones, and all viscera had already been refined. The Qi and Blood were also at the extreme point and could manifest it in his breath. Just a step away from entering the 5th stage, True Qi Stage.”

Regardless of the path one wanted to take, one must establish his way on the first stage, Stable Heart. After that, one must diligently Cultivate the law that they chose in the beginning without letting their heart waver.

From Wu Ming’s memory, that bastard had been stuck at the 1st stage and couldn’t go any further.

Fortunately for him though, his sister managed to pass the borders and collected a large number of resources for him. Through those resources, his body got polished from the core, and his Cultivation also soared.

After being in control of this body for all these days and training diligently, Wu Ming had gained control of the entire body and even brought his strength to the peak of what the predecessor had. He also learned about various matters regarding the world and was no longer as ignorant as that playboy.

“Young Master Ming! The Missy sent people to assist you!”

A young man came over to Wu Ming’s side and reported hurriedly.

“Oh! I will meet them personally then!”

As Wu Ming walked towards the fortress’s front gate, he saw a middle-aged man of about 30 to 40 years of age. The man was dressed in black attire. He had an aquiline nose and appeared to be very vigorous.

“You are Young Master Wu Ming?”

The man raised his aquiline nose and looked over at Wu Ming with his sharp gaze, “Skin and Flesh stretched tautly; Muscles and Bones are strong… Good! Good! Myself Feng Han…, Under Miss Wu Qing’s command, I am here to get rid of any obstacles that the young master might face, and also give you special lessons on Martial Arts!”


Being swept over by Feng Han’s eyes, Wu Ming felt the pores on his skin shrink. Inside his heart, he was surprised, “He is at least in the Innate Stage, no…, perhaps Outer Astral, or maybe Inner Astral. This bastard’s older sister sure knows how to spoil him, sending someone so strong. But well, it is only better for me…”

But on the face, Wu Ming said politely, “You are very polite Master Feng! Please come in and take some rest. As for the matter of dealing with trouble, we can talk…”

But before Wu Ming could finish, he saw Feng Han wave his hand and suddenly look towards the end of the road.

Galloping sounds could be heard!

A black dot was moving quickly. As the black dot got bigger and bigger, a person appeared. The person seemed to be carrying something, rushing towards them like a disease.

“You are Wu Ming?”

As the man arrived and stood still, dust and sand followed in his wake, assailing people’s nostrils. The man said in an arrogant tone, “Were you the one who sent this old dog?”


He threw away whatever he was holding. With his limbs broken, Housekeeper Wu was thrown to the ground like filthy trash.

As Wu Ming looked towards the respectful Housekeeper Wu turned into a disabled, his heart squeezed uncomfortably, “I told him to be modest and courteous. I even gave up on pursuing the matter of Old Ghost Six’s death. Yet you…, you still went so far! Tell me! Why do this…? Is it for that woman named Yun?”

Old Ghost Six was the subordinate of the former Wu Ming. His hands were stained with the blood of countless people. Now, he was just a dead man. Wu Ming had no intention to take any revenge for him. But it seemed like the opposite party wasn’t willing to reconcile!

“For that slut?”

Lin Qi’s face was full of malevolence as he said, “A woman like that who dares to sleep in another man’s arms. I have already killed her parents. And today, she must die as well!!!”

“If someone dares even snatch a dog from me, I will kill his entire family. You dared snatch my woman, I will slaughter this entire fortress today.”

Though his declaration was grand like that of dragon’s, Wu Ming only rolled his eyes.

He could immediately tell that a man like this bastard couldn’t be reasoned with, and so gave his command,


The Martial Arts Instructor in the fortress gave a low shout and rushed towards the invader.

This guy was a guy who had trained to a high level and had a fierce battle prowess. He was also ranked among the top players in the prefecture and was in the True Qi Stage. As he rushed forward, his muscles stretched while his bones crackled…

“Humph. Ants!”

Lin Aotian*… Oh, wait, I mean Lin Qi sneered as a blue light appeared on his hand, suddenly turning into a complete circle.

The 5th Stage Mortal Body Instructor felt the world around him stagnate as a line of blood appeared from his forehead to his neck. The next moment, the man fell to the ground.


The surrounding maidservants were scared witless as they fell to the ground. A swarm of people fled from the place like birds and beasts scattering and rushing away.

“Good strength! Suffocating yet soft. You are at least in the Eighth Stage of Mortal Body Cultivation, the Inner Astral Stage. I am Feng Han, here to gain experience.”


As Feng Han was speaking, he immediately turned into a blur. The next moment he appeared, and his slender hands had an iron sheen to them as he shouted,

“Heavenly Eagle 13 Strikes!”

Chi! Chi!

His fists cut through the air, suffocating the people in the vicinity—sharp and straightforward. At least, he was also at the Inner Astral Level.

“There’s still a hidden master?”

Lin Qi seemed to have been stunned for a moment, “That old bastard housekeeper… He dared lie to me! I must cook that dog into a hot pot!”

There was no fear showing on Lin Qi’s face. The blue light again appeared, transformed, and a sword appeared in his hand. The sword was sleek and appeared to be made of steel. As he swung the sword, three sword shadows appeared, “Spectral Sword Dance!”

Wu Ming slowly stepped back, while his heart was full of hatred, “It’s a pity that I can’t call the military. If the military was here, they could shoot him down with crossbows… Inner Astral’s couldn’t compete against military crossbows; their bodies weren’t that strong after all…”

As the fortress has a lot of people, there were also military posts and soldiers to guard. But it was peacetime and commanding the military in peacetime for no reason wasn’t a small matter.

Even if he could command the military, which he couldn’t as he was a known playboy, the commoners and farmers would delay the military from advancing and arriving on time.

At this time, as he saw Feng Han and Lin Qi fight, he could see that the two were evenly matched. Watching this, his heart sunk.

“This bastard had no Cultivation just a few days ago, yet he suddenly rose to the Inner Astral Stage somehow!”

“How could someone progress so fast? There must be an issue, a major issue! If Feng Han can’t put him down today, then in the entire fortress there was no one who could deal with him. At that time, my little life will certainly come to an end!”

Wu Ming felt both annoyed and fortunate as he retreated back into the fortress. Sneaking his right hand into his bosom, Wu Ming pulled something out.

“Where do you think you are escaping, you little bitch?”

As Lin Qi saw Wu Ming retreat into the fortress, he felt anxious. Not because he couldn’t do anything to Wu Ming, but because the fortress was too big. If Wu Ming escaped and hid in the fortress, Lin Qi wouldn’t be able to kill him easily.

“You should feel honored! You are the first person who forced me to use my secret method!”

Lin Qi gritted his teeth and his face turned red. The soft azure sword in his hands flowed like a serpent as it’s length increased to a meter and Astral Qi around it solidified.

Chi! La! In the next moment, the sword pierced through Feng Han’s shoulder, making blood splash everywhere as Feng Han fell to the ground.

“Now pay with your life!”

In the next moment, Lin Qi flashed and appeared before Wu Ming. Looking at the distressed expression on Wu Ming’s face, a smile appeared on Lin Qi’s pale face, “Haha… Little dog, you should kneel and kowtow to this lord…! This lord might make you die an easy death!”

“What are you doing! Do… do not come close… I am telling you… I have a very strong and fierce elder sister… If something happened to me, my elder sister won’t let you off…”

Wu Ming was frightened. He distressedly crawled backward and made an appearance as if he was going to kneel. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he threw a fist towards Lin Qi.


The fist was blocked as Lin Qi said with a sneer, “Desperate, Ah! Do you think that your petty schemes will work before my absolute strength? Let me make you despair be….. AHH!!!”

Before he could finish his words, Lin Qi yelled miserably. His entire hand was charred black.

Wu Ming had not let the opportunity go. When he had punched towards Lin Qi, there was already one flame rune in his hand. It was that rune which burnt Lin Qi’s hand.

“Rising Eagle’s Plundering Claw!”

At this time, the injured Feng Han also made use of the opportunity and attacked Lin Qi’s back with a steel-like claw. Blood spurted from Lin Qi’s back.


The very next moment, Lin Qi fell to the ground. His facial muscles started to turn dark as blood flowed under him.

Hu… Hu…

Wu Ming retrieved his fist as he gasped for air. In his hand was a fire rune that he had used in the study room. Looking towards Lin Qi lying on the ground, he said without any emotion, “Don’t you know acting big is sinful? Act big and the Heavens will strike lightning upon you!”

“Kill him!”

Gentlemen always left a path of retreat for themselves! Under the gaze of few people, Wu Ming didn’t go forward to reap Lin Qi’s life. Instead, he walked back and ordered others to take Lin Qi’s life.

Though this Lin Qi appeared like a dead dog right now, who could guarantee that he had no other trump card, or cheat up his sleeve.

“We obey!” Some of the servants gathered their courage and walked towards the dead dog to reap his life.

“What a pity!”

Just then, the dead dog fiercely shouted and the nearby people were hit by something unexpected. As green light covered his body, Lin Qi’s wounds healed at a rapid speed, and soon, he was even fiercer than before. The several people around him spat out blood while Lin Qi rushed towards Wu Ming, “Die for me!”

Goddamn! He really came to life.

No one could have imagined that this Lin Qi, who was lying down like a dead dog just a moment ago would rush out like such. He was even fiercer than before.

“Can’t he just die? Does he really have a protagonist’s cockroach life? But wanting my life; go dream somewhere else!”

Wu Ming gritted his teeth and was ready to fight to the bitter end.

“Ha! Give me your life…!”

Just then, a faint dark light appeared out of nowhere and cut Lin Qi at his waist. Immediately, Lin Qi was split into two from his waist.


Lin Qi’s face was filled with hatred. He was just about to finish that man, then how did he himself get cut into two. His upper and lower body fell to the ground,

“How could this be…”

Slowly, he crawled on the ground as blood was rushing out of his mouth, “Impossible! How could this happen to me? I crossed over from the world beyond this world… I am the protagonist of this world; I am the one chosen by Heavens. Ah!!! I can’t die here; I still have to dominate the world. It is all your fault!!!”

Lin Qi shot a hate-filled malevolent glare towards Wu Ming.

At the moment that his body split into two, there was no more chance for him to make a comeback. Soon, he died; he was deader than dead.

Wu Ming had a wooden expression as he watched all this. The next moment, from the corner of his eyes, Wu Ming saw an emerald light exiting Lin Qi’s body.

Instantly, Wu Ming rushed forward and grabbed the light in his hands,

“What’s this?”

The thing was a bit warm with a jadeite appearance. It was a pendant with a faint Golden Star flowing inside it.

Wu Ming brought it closer to take a look when suddenly a dark eye appeared.

Before he fell into a coma, he heard the same old mechanical voice that he wanted to hear, “Overgod Space Initialized! Please be prepared for Reincarnation.”

“Fuck! Isn’t it just a one-time crossing? Why is there another crossing? Don’t tell me it’s an infinite crossing class!”

As this thought galloped in his mind, he felt that he saw a beautiful figure rushing to his side. The next moment, it all became dark, and he lost consciousness.

  • Lin Aotian: Aotian means Arrogant