VPAAPT V4C188 – Misunderstood Master Disciple Relationship

Indeed, this Manual could improve a person’s movement skills, but if it was practiced, it could also improve a person’s strength, endurance, and other potentials. But Jin Hongzhong actually used it only for movement skill, wasting a gift from the Heavens! I believe that after Jin Hongzhong saw Jiao Yazi’s teleportation ability, he naturally thought … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C188 – Misunderstood Master Disciple Relationship”

VPAAPT V4C187 – 12th Stage of Flying Swallow Technique

“Instantaneous movement?” My heart immediately jumped. It seems that even after I was really careful, I had still been seen! Although there was nothing for me to fear with my current strength, if this old man publicized my matter, the terrorist organizations in the world will all go after my head! Having the ability to … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C187 – 12th Stage of Flying Swallow Technique”

VPAAPT V4C186 – Feiyan Gate Part 2

Moreover, I could see from afar that the people in the company’s hall were shaking! After I got closer, the company’s door was pushed open! A group of men walked out, leading them was a high spirited old man. Though the old man’s age couldn’t be discerned, but his imposing manner was very astonishing! “Feiyan … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C186 – Feiyan Gate Part 2”

VPAATP V4C185 – Feiyan Gate Part 1

After returning to B City, I wasn’t idle either, instead, I looked for Jiao Yazi nonstop. Now, Jiao Yazi had completed his inspection of the Mortal World and returned to Yama’s (King of Hell) Palace, so I couldn’t just call him and expect him to get to me immediately. {TL Note: Jiao Yazi is that … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C185 – Feiyan Gate Part 1”

VPAAPT V4C184 – Laurent’s Wedding

Just some time ago, Old Philip had told him that he was very interested in a newly developed Environmental Purification System from East Asia Motion and Shuguang. He wanted to become their General Agent in Italy, so he had asked Old Witter if he had any relations! Therefore, Old Witter was determined that Old Philip … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C184 – Laurent’s Wedding”

VPAATP V4C183 – Renowned

The investors who were just watching and waiting immediately dismissed the idea of wanting to sell their stock, holding the chips in their hands. There were also some savvy investors who started to buy back the shares of Karon General Merchandise! For a time, the stock prices soared to a higher level! Old Witter and … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C183 – Renowned”

VPAATP V4C182 – Old Witter’s Retaliation

Actually, me giving a contract to a third party like the Philip Family wasn’t a substantial loss to me! It was just a favor that I had done at little or no cost at all. On the other hand, the Philip Family would have to pay a large contract fee to the East Asia Motion … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C182 – Old Witter’s Retaliation”

VPAATP V4C181 – Benefits

“Oh, that. Hehe, it was just a joke. The bride price is a popular dowry there in our China but there is no such custom here, so you don’t need to worry about it. It was just me speaking thoughtlessly!” I said with a smile. “How is that good? When in Rome, do as the … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C181 – Benefits”

VPAATP V4C180 – You And Sallica Must Work Hard

Old Philip nodded to Keton and then looked at me nervously. At that moment, he was in a very complicated mood and wanted to get to know my real identity as soon as possible. Finally, when we came closer to the group of vehicles, Old Philip could clearly see my appearance! The first thought Old … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C180 – You And Sallica Must Work Hard”

VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us

{ Philip is the young Philip who wants to marry Sallica. Old Philip is the grandfather of the young Philip who doesn’t want him to marry Sallica.} Sallica was different. In her eyes, Philip’s Family was already very powerful and influential. Since she didn’t understand who I was and my specific life, she was obviously … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us”

VPAATP V4C178 – Having Relatives With Deep Backgrounds!

Keton didn’t dare be negligent. The moment he left the room, he arrived at a quiet place and called the master of the Philip Family. “Keton, have you found your young master? How is the matter going?” Old Philip asked. “Master, I have found the young master but there is a little problem!” Keton replied … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C178 – Having Relatives With Deep Backgrounds!”

VPAATP V4C177 – Bride Price

“Are you looking down on white-collar workers? Isn’t your entire family business developed by those same white-collar workers?” I said coldly, “And you, you are just a steward yet you dare laugh at others when you aren’t even qualified to!” Where did this other Oriental come from? That was the first thing that Keton thought … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C177 – Bride Price”

VPAATP V4C176 – Who Are You?

“Philip, you shouldn’t get so angry. Dear, don’t be like this……” Sallica’s eyes had tears in them as she said, “What Keton said is also true, I should leave, you should go back……” “Sallica, what are you saying! Don’t say something like that, I will never go back!” Philip immediately said as he listened to … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C176 – Who Are You?”

VPAATP V4C175 – Joy After Sorrow

“Umm, this is already good enough!” Yang Mei smiled, “I already have everything that I could ask for, there is nothing that will make me too excited again.” “Hehe, you can rest assured that when we go back, I will certainly discuss the issue with my friend and think of a solution,” I thought that … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C175 – Joy After Sorrow”

VPAATP V4C174 – Failure

I told Yang Mei what I was worried about and explained to her the pros and cons of using my Spiritual Energy to her. I wanted to let Yang Mei decide the matter for herself. “So that’s what it was about. Since it can cure my sickness, then just do it! A bit stronger was … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C174 – Failure”

VPAATP V4C173 – Plan

Though the hospital president had no shortage of money, he couldn’t just neglect interpersonal relationships! Owens was the local Gangster chief, although his influence wasn’t the greatest, the hospital still couldn’t afford to offend him! Owens won’t listen to the so-called first come first serve lecture that the hospital explained. They knew that telling that … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C173 – Plan”

VPAATP V4C172 – Special Use of Superpowers

After knowing her situation, I didn’t dare keep on teasing Yang Mei again and quickly took my hand away from her chest and sternly said to Yang Mei, “Mei Mei, your situation is far more complex than what you think!” “Is there any hope?” Yang Mei asked in a low voice. Though her face appeared … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C172 – Special Use of Superpowers”

VPAATP V4C171 – Heartbeat Accelerating

“Ah?” Yang Mei hadn’t thought that I would actually say that. “It’s that…… Since I am going to be inspecting your heart, you naturally have to take off your upper clothing!” I gave an excuse. Actually, with my current ability, there was no need for Yang Mei to take off her clothes. The reason I … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C171 – Heartbeat Accelerating”

VPAATP V4C170 – A Small Box

“Hehe, relax, I won’t do anything to you in the evening. I still have to think of a way to heal your illness!” I comforted her with a smile. “I…… That’s not what I mean!” Yang Mei immediately tried to explain, “I have never been in love before, so now that I am going to … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C170 – A Small Box”

VPAATP V4C169 – We Have Turned Into The Scenery

Although this meal was just a routine, the significance was indeed extraordinary. This was the first meal we had together after Yang Mei and I officially got together, so I couldn’t be careless. Now I had to try and order some orthodox dishes. In any case, I was very hungry. I had been looking for … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C169 – We Have Turned Into The Scenery”