VPAATP V4C196 – Jin Hongzhong’s Act

In the end, Zhou Zhiping had no idea how it happened. Even after secretly testing Yang Mei’s blood, he didn’t find any abnormalities, so he could only give up! He could only say that it was not something a human could solve. For several days, Jin Hongzhong had come to look for me multiple times. … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C196 – Jin Hongzhong’s Act”

VPAATP V4C195 – I Want To Be A Mother

“During our stay in Venice, we bumped into an Eastern monk. He told us about Yang Mei’s illness with just a single look!” I said, “At first, we thought that the old monk was just a swindler who wanted to cheat us out of money!” “Yeah, true, the majority of people like that are swindlers!” … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C195 – I Want To Be A Mother”

VPAATP V4C194 – Fortuitous Encounter

“Little Zhong, it’s not that master doesn’t want to help you, it’s just that I have promised my master that I will not meddle in the matters of the mundane world. I am helpless!” Jiao Yazi said with a light sigh. “But… Master, if you don’t help me, it will be the end for me … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C194 – Fortuitous Encounter”

VPAATP V4C193 – Pearl

“You should have understood what I want, right?” Ben Luther asked. “That is impossible!” Jin Hongzhong directly denied Ben Luther’s demands, “Doing something like that is against the laws of the underworld!” “Hehe, naturally, I will not do something like that!” Ben Luther said with a smile as if he had already expected Jin Hongzhong’s … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C193 – Pearl”

VPAATP V4C192 – Colleagues

After arriving, the guards opened the doors! Little Gang was taken to a secret room where a middle-aged man was already sitting. “Friend from Feiyan Gate of China, how are you?” The middle-aged man actually knew Little Gang’s identity. “Who are you?” Although Little Gang didn’t have any ability to resist, as a professional thief, … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C192 – Colleagues”

VPAATP V4C191 – False Information

This situation was very common! In a large stock of good, there would be some fake things in the middle every time. As for the very first thing being a sham, it wasn’t a big deal! The second thing was a bronze candlestick, however, this candlestick was also fake! Little Gang and the others felt … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C191 – False Information”

VPAAPT V4C190 – Feiyan Gate’s Crisis

After he (Jin Hongzhong) knew my status, he no longer had any contempt for me (Liu Lei). He knew that with my strength and the fact that I was related to Jiao Yazi, I was certainly not some mortal man. It was very normal for someone powerful like me to look very young – appearance … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C190 – Feiyan Gate’s Crisis”

VPAATP V4C189 – Meeting His Master

“Hehe, it’s just that brother is a busy person and has to take care of many matters, so I was afraid that I might disturb you!” I said some flattering words. This relationship was very hard to take care of. Flattering brother Yama was like having a grasp over the life and death of living … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C189 – Meeting His Master”

VPAAPT V4C188 – Misunderstood Master Disciple Relationship

Indeed, this Manual could improve a person’s movement skills, but if it was practiced, it could also improve a person’s strength, endurance, and other potentials. But Jin Hongzhong actually used it only for movement skill, wasting a gift from the Heavens! I believe that after Jin Hongzhong saw Jiao Yazi’s teleportation ability, he naturally thought … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C188 – Misunderstood Master Disciple Relationship”

VPAAPT V4C187 – 12th Stage of Flying Swallow Technique

“Instantaneous movement?” My heart immediately jumped. It seems that even after I was really careful, I had still been seen! Although there was nothing for me to fear with my current strength, if this old man publicized my matter, the terrorist organizations in the world will all go after my head! Having the ability to … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C187 – 12th Stage of Flying Swallow Technique”

VPAAPT V4C186 – Feiyan Gate Part 2

Moreover, I could see from afar that the people in the company’s hall were shaking! After I got closer, the company’s door was pushed open! A group of men walked out, leading them was a high spirited old man. Though the old man’s age couldn’t be discerned, but his imposing manner was very astonishing! “Feiyan … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C186 – Feiyan Gate Part 2”

VPAATP V4C185 – Feiyan Gate Part 1

After returning to B City, I wasn’t idle either, instead, I looked for Jiao Yazi nonstop. Now, Jiao Yazi had completed his inspection of the Mortal World and returned to Yama’s (King of Hell) Palace, so I couldn’t just call him and expect him to get to me immediately. {TL Note: Jiao Yazi is that … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C185 – Feiyan Gate Part 1”

VPAAPT V4C184 – Laurent’s Wedding

Just some time ago, Old Philip had told him that he was very interested in a newly developed Environmental Purification System from East Asia Motion and Shuguang. He wanted to become their General Agent in Italy, so he had asked Old Witter if he had any relations! Therefore, Old Witter was determined that Old Philip … Continue reading “VPAAPT V4C184 – Laurent’s Wedding”

VPAATP V4C183 – Renowned

The investors who were just watching and waiting immediately dismissed the idea of wanting to sell their stock, holding the chips in their hands. There were also some savvy investors who started to buy back the shares of Karon General Merchandise! For a time, the stock prices soared to a higher level! Old Witter and … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C183 – Renowned”