VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us (T3 to T5)

{ Philip is the young Philip who wants to marry Sallica. Old Philip is the grandfather of the young Philip who doesn’t want him to marry Sallica.} Sallica was different. In her eyes, Philip’s Family was already very powerful and influential. Since she didn’t understand who I was and my specific life, she was obviously … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us (T3 to T5)”


Zhao YanYan: The main girl who he loved in his past life. Liu Lei died on his wedding. Ye XiaoXiao: Liu Lei’s hot teacher who he f***ed when he was drunk af. She ran away from him. Hasn’t had a mention yet. Yu Ting: Liu Lei’s first love who was almost r a p e d when they were young. … Continue reading “VPAATP – LIU LEI’S CHICKS”