TQBCT 12 – Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth

No one had expected that Su Lin would have the courage to accept Qin YanRan’s condition, so all the students on the scene were more than eager to do such a testimony. All of a sudden, the surroundings turned even livelier. What had started as a temporary farce now seemed to have turned into a … Continue reading “TQBCT 12 – Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth”

TQBCT 11 – The Power of Love

“How is this possible?” Even Su Lin didn’t believe Qin YanRan had actually said something like that. In the last three years, no matter who, whether from inside Jian’an No.1 School or outside, all they got was a cold and indifferent rejection. But today, Qin YanRan actually said that she would “consider”! She wasn’t playing … Continue reading “TQBCT 11 – The Power of Love”


“I, Qin YanRan, will never like a person like you!” These words from Qin YanRan felt as if a sharp sword had been stabbed into Su Lin’s heart. Originally, Su Lin didn’t have any meaning like that. He was aware that with his current situation and background, he wasn’t worthy of someone like Qin YanRan. … Continue reading “TBQCT 10 – I LIKE YOU”

TQBCT 9 – I Copy, I Copy, I Copy

For f’s sake people, I never dropped this. There will be one regular chapter every other day. “Hehe……As expected, time certainly stopped!” Su Lin was smug in his heart, but when he saw the number in the upper right corner of his vision, where one second amounted to one value, he knew just how valuable … Continue reading “TQBCT 9 – I Copy, I Copy, I Copy”

TQBCT 8 – Perfect Cheat

“Eh? My school bag?” Being interrogated so suddenly by Mother Ye while his parents were nearby, Su Lin didn’t have the time to be flustered, so he immediately made up a lie, “As soon as school ended, I went to look for Elder Sister Zhu to play. I probably forgot it back there.” As he … Continue reading “TQBCT 8 – Perfect Cheat”

TQBCT 7 – If One Wanted to Survive, One Must Strive For It

Although Su Lin didn’t know why he suddenly got the ability to pause time. With such a magical ability, how could Su Lin not use it to his advantage? Using this ability, he could change his fate, improve his family’s situation, and rise to prominence. All the empty talk from before were now possible. “As … Continue reading “TQBCT 7 – If One Wanted to Survive, One Must Strive For It”

TQBCT 6 – Mysterious Ability

“60…” Inside the bathtub, Su Lin was shocked to see the number skyrocket suddenly. “If I have speculated correctly, then my magical ability to pause time depends on the value of this bright red number. Now that the number has risen above 100, does it mean I can pause time again?” Thinking till here, Su … Continue reading “TQBCT 6 – Mysterious Ability”

TQBCT 5 – The Enchanting Bath

Chapter 3/4 for the week. Next Chapter will be public after it is edited in a few hours. “What? Don’t tell me Aunt Liang came back home! Not a moment early, not a moment late; she just had to come back at this time? If Aunt Liang saw me coming out of the bathroom while … Continue reading “TQBCT 5 – The Enchanting Bath”

TQBCT 4 – The Neighbor Elder Sister Taking a Bath?

Chapter 2/4 for the week Ah? Just when Su Lin finally relaxed thinking he got away, his heart jumped back to his throat. He couldn’t understand why Qin YanRan would find an excuse on her initiative if she knew about his perverted acts, instead of getting him caught? “Class Leader Ma’am… I…” Anyway, Su Lin … Continue reading “TQBCT 4 – The Neighbor Elder Sister Taking a Bath?”

TBQCT 3 – Su Lin, you Satyr!

As Su Lin willed in his mind, time stopped once more. Everything around him became still. Even the air around him felt solidified. In the face of such a strange scene, Su Lin didn’t panic like before. On the contrary, his heart was filled with ecstasy at this moment. “Time truly stopped! Did I make … Continue reading “TBQCT 3 – Su Lin, you Satyr!”

TQBCT 2 – School Flower Qin YanRan

Being yelled at by Lin Qingxue, Su Lin’s body trembled, and he halted on instinct. He knew Teacher Lin discovered him. However, Su Lin immediately calmed down. He thought the school bell just rang while he was already inside the school, so he shouldn’t be late. Therefore, he quite proudly turned around. But as soon … Continue reading “TQBCT 2 – School Flower Qin YanRan”

TQBCT 1 – The Time Suspended

“Not enough time! Not enough time…, Give way…, Give way….”   On the alley of Jian’an City market, Su Lin dashed about wildly. Shuttling back and forth in the middle of the crowd that could drown a person. The time was already 7:50 AM, and he had to attend a class in 10 minutes.   … Continue reading “TQBCT 1 – The Time Suspended”