OA 10 – Return (Unedited)

“Xiu! Xiu!” Looking at Wang Yin directly rushing towards it, a flurried expression appeared in the Shaman’s eyes as it kept on whistling the bone whistle continuously. Invisible sound waves that seemingly turned into poisonous arrows in the air and killed people rained around! Wang Yin was like a snake, avoiding the invisible poisonous arrows … Continue reading “OA 10 – Return (Unedited)”

OA 9 – Fire Attack

Under the Shaman’s magic, the morale of the villagers was toppling while the countless wounded Barbarian Cavalry once again attacked with full force! Blood and fire! Death and birth! Once more, the battle for survival between the different races resumed in the earthen surroundings of Daqing Village! Different from before, the emergence of the Shaman … Continue reading “OA 9 – Fire Attack”

OA 8 – Swarm Of Ants

The beacon was suddenly lit up. Although the Daqing Village was already prepared for this, the moment the Township Militia saw the enemy, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. People! A massive and dense swarm of people! Numerous people from the nearby villages, regardless of who they were; young, old, … Continue reading “OA 8 – Swarm Of Ants”

OA 7 – Shaman

Heaven’s will is unpredictable! Listening to the screams around him, and the dead Xiaoyu on the ground, Wu Ming clenched his teeth. In tumultuous times, people‚Äôs lives weren’t even worth as much as dogs. Under the survival task given by the Overgod Palace, how could he have been slacking off? Before, if the arrow had … Continue reading “OA 7 – Shaman”

OA 6 – Accident

Regular Chapter. There will be 1 Regular Chapter every other day starting today. The release rate will increase slowly, but surely. Acting as part of an Aristocratic Family wasn’t hard for Wu Ming and Kang Shouli. After all, the two of them were from an Aristocratic Family. Huang Ying and Xiaoyu weren’t bad either. They … Continue reading “OA 6 – Accident”

OA 5 – Mission

[Main Quest Mission: Survival! (Noob Trial)] [Mission Objective: Survive in the Daqing Village for more than seven days!] [Completion Reward: 100 Minor Merits] [Attention: You must stay inside 1.5 Km radius of Daqing Village. Any offender of the law will get obliterated!] [Scene Introduction: The peaceful Great Xia and the northern Barbarians have shackled in … Continue reading “OA 5 – Mission”

OA 4 – Teammates

“Overgod Space Initialized! Please be prepared for Reincarnation.” In Wu Ming’s mind, the vast old-fashioned mechanical voice reverberated. After he heard it, darkness soon overtook his mind, and Wu Ming lost consciousness. Soon, Wu Ming felt a horrible feeling that came with a nightmare. He felt as if he no longer had any weight, his … Continue reading “OA 4 – Teammates”

OA 3 – Crossing? Infinite?

TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD EDITOR: DRAGNEEL 3/3 chapters for this week. Next update on Sunday. TL: Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying Overgod Ascension. If you guys saw some mistakes in translations or in editing, I hope you can comment. Now another main thing, We will be starting PATREON from next week. Hope you guys … Continue reading “OA 3 – Crossing? Infinite?”

OA 2 – Where is my Golden Finger?

TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD EDITOR: DRAGNEEL Though Wu Ming’s complexion was indifferent as he looked at Housekeeper Wu interrogating the sturdy man, his brain was churning at a rapid pace. His brain was organizing information from the predecessor’s memories. Although this guy was a playboy who didn’t learn anything useful, he still had some common knowledge. … Continue reading “OA 2 – Where is my Golden Finger?”

OA 1 – Crossed Over

TRANSLATOR: AHMAD SHAHZAD EDITOR: DRAGNEEL Note: 3 Chapters a Week. More will be available in the future. Early in the morning bright rays of the sun shone into the room making Wu Ming squint his eyes. “Ah! Ouch…” Leisurely sitting up halfway on the bed, he stretched out his waist with a satisfied smile hung … Continue reading “OA 1 – Crossed Over”