VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us (T3 to T5)

{ Philip is the young Philip who wants to marry Sallica. Old Philip is the grandfather of the young Philip who doesn’t want him to marry Sallica.} Sallica was different. In her eyes, Philip’s Family was already very powerful and influential. Since she didn’t understand who I was and my specific life, she was obviously … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us (T3 to T5)”

TQBCT 12 – Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth

No one had expected that Su Lin would have the courage to accept Qin YanRan’s condition, so all the students on the scene were more than eager to do such a testimony. All of a sudden, the surroundings turned even livelier. What had started as a temporary farce now seemed to have turned into a … Continue reading “TQBCT 12 – Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth”

TQBCT 11 – The Power of Love

“How is this possible?” Even Su Lin didn’t believe Qin YanRan had actually said something like that. In the last three years, no matter who, whether from inside Jian’an No.1 School or outside, all they got was a cold and indifferent rejection. But today, Qin YanRan actually said that she would “consider”! She wasn’t playing … Continue reading “TQBCT 11 – The Power of Love”

OA 10 – Return (Unedited)

“Xiu! Xiu!” Looking at Wang Yin directly rushing towards it, a flurried expression appeared in the Shaman’s eyes as it kept on whistling the bone whistle continuously. Invisible sound waves that seemingly turned into poisonous arrows in the air and killed people rained around! Wang Yin was like a snake, avoiding the invisible poisonous arrows … Continue reading “OA 10 – Return (Unedited)”

OA 9 – Fire Attack

Under the Shaman’s magic, the morale of the villagers was toppling while the countless wounded Barbarian Cavalry once again attacked with full force! Blood and fire! Death and birth! Once more, the battle for survival between the different races resumed in the earthen surroundings of Daqing Village! Different from before, the emergence of the Shaman … Continue reading “OA 9 – Fire Attack”