TQBCT 14 – Together Since Childhood!

Running away from the office, Su Lin didn’t dare imagine Lin Qingxue’s response. Before, Su Lin had always been very afraid of Lin Qingxue, but now he no longer had to worry about his result, so he was naturally more relaxed when facing Lin Qingxue. Moreover, the College Entrance Examination was going to be soon, … Continue reading “TQBCT 14 – Together Since Childhood!”

TQBCT 13 – Eidetic Memory

Jian’an No. 1 High School. In the third grade’s English Lecturer’s Office, Lin Qingxue was sitting behind the desk with anger written all over her face. Before her, there was a stack of English test papers. Su Lin, who had been brought here from the entrance of the examination hall, cautiously stood on the other … Continue reading “TQBCT 13 – Eidetic Memory”

VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us (T3 to T5)

{ Philip is the young Philip who wants to marry Sallica. Old Philip is the grandfather of the young Philip who doesn’t want him to marry Sallica.} Sallica was different. In her eyes, Philip’s Family was already very powerful and influential. Since she didn’t understand who I was and my specific life, she was obviously … Continue reading “VPAATP V4C179 – Invited Us (T3 to T5)”

TQBCT 12 – Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth

No one had expected that Su Lin would have the courage to accept Qin YanRan’s condition, so all the students on the scene were more than eager to do such a testimony. All of a sudden, the surroundings turned even livelier. What had started as a temporary farce now seemed to have turned into a … Continue reading “TQBCT 12 – Su Lin, Tell Me The Truth”

TQBCT 11 – The Power of Love

“How is this possible?” Even Su Lin didn’t believe Qin YanRan had actually said something like that. In the last three years, no matter who, whether from inside Jian’an No.1 School or outside, all they got was a cold and indifferent rejection. But today, Qin YanRan actually said that she would “consider”! She wasn’t playing … Continue reading “TQBCT 11 – The Power of Love”